SIU School of Medicine is a state university and, therefore, offers several insurance options through the State of Illinois.

Health insurance

SIU Medicine offers health insurance coverage to all eligible employees upon the date of hire. Choose from eight State of Illinois insurance plans with pre-tax premiums and pay a monthly premium based on your annual salary and full-time equivalent. Coverage for depen­dents is also available.

Part-time members must be at a full-time equivalent of .50 or greater in order to be eligible for the insurance benefits. Note that part-time members are required to pay a percentage of the State’s portion of the monthly contribution in addition to their own.

Dental insurance

Offered upon the date of hire, the Quality Care Dental Plan is administered by Delta Dental for the State of Illinois with pre-tax premiums. If dependents are enrolled in the health insurance program, they can also enroll in the dental plan. Employees can elect to not have dental insurance.

► Life insurance

Employees receive state term life insurance equaling their base annual salary at no cost. Employees may choose additional life insurance up to eight times their annual salary. Term life insurance is offered equal to an employee’s annual salary.

► Optional Life

Optional term life coverage up to a maximum of eight times the annual salary is available for an employee to purchase. Life insurance equal to $10,000 for children and $10,000 for a spouse is optional coverage. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is also available.

► Vision

The State of Illinois provides a Vision Care Benefit to all eligible employees who participate in the health plan. The plan provides a benefit for vision examinations, lenses, frames and contact lenses. The vision benefit is provided if enrolled in health insurance and offered through EyeMed Vision Care.

► Prescription

Plan participants enrolled in any state health plan have prescription drug benefits included in the coverage. An annual prescription deductible must be satisfied before the prescription co-payments apply; however if the cost of the prescription is less than the plan’s prescription copayment, the plan participant will pay the cost of the prescription.

► Long Term Disability

A long-term disability plan provides financial protection for employees by paying a portion of their income while they have a long period of disability. The amount an employee receives is based on the amount they earned before the disability began. In some cases, employees can receive disability payments even if they work while they are disabled. Faculty members who are also members of SIU Medicine's practice are not allowed to enroll in long-term disability coverage through the University.

► MCAP and DCAP Flexible Spending Accounts

  • The dependent care assistance program (DCAP) provides employees with a vehicle to defer up to $5,000 of annual income before taxes to pay for the care of qualified dependents under the age of 13.
  • The medical care assistance program (MCAP) lets employees defer up to $2,750 of pre-tax earnings per year to cover the cost of qualified medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance.

► Opt-Out

Full-time employees have the option to opt out of health coverage if they have other comprehensive coverage provided by an entity other than the Department of Central Management Services.

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