New Employee Orientation

    Your first day


    As a new employee, you will receive a temporary parking pass through your pre-hire packet via email. Please print this out and place it in your front windshield.

    New Employee Orientation

    Welcome to your first day at SIU Medicine. During New Employee Orientation, the dress code is business casual. You will have your photo taken for your ID badge, and your supervisor may contact you to arrange lunch plans.

    During your orientation, you will learn about a variety of topics pertaining to health and life insurance choices, retirement planning and campus safety. Your orientation will specifically include:

    • Your benefit options
    • Employee safety guidelines, including:
      • Hazard communications
      • Blood-borne pathogen and tuberculosis training
      • Radiation safety training
      • General security guidelines
      • Workplace violence prevention
      • HIPAA and regulatory compliance training
      • Ethics Training
      • Sexual harassment prevention guidelines

    Your first few weeks

    Meet your team

    Upon arrival to your department, you will meet with your supervisor, tour your department and meet your new teammates. Your supervisor will also go over your specific job duties and expectations; schedule and hours of work, breaks and lunch hours; how to prepare a time sheet and related procedures; the process for requesting time off, submitting a leave slip, and call-in procedures; and how to track your benefit time.

    Work with your supervisor to identify your first assignments and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

    Select your benefits

    You will have 10 days from your date of hire to choose which insurance options are right for you and your family, and 6 months to choose a retirement plan under the State Universities Retirement System.

    New employees have a variety of options to choose from. If you have questions about which retirement or insurance plans are for you, start with a member of HR's benefits and compensation team.

    Complete initial training

    Over the first month of your new job, you'll complete any required training, discuss department-specific policies and procedures, mission, goals, checklists and any competencies required.

    You will also receive your official SIU Medicine email address, access to the employee intranet and other important login information.

    Obtain your parking permit

    Employees and students are required to display a valid parking decal on any vehicle parked on campus lots. Decals are available for purchase at the Security Office located at the main educational building, 801 N. Rutledge St., in Springfield. 

    Your first few months

    Evaluating your performance

    During your first few months at SIU Medicine, we hope that you are comfortable, happy and engaged in your new role. To assess your progress and provide feedback on your contributions thus far, your supervisor will regularly evaluate your performance. These evaluations document your probational and annual performance.

    • If you are a civil service employee, you will have either a 6- or 12-month probationary period. You will receive your first probationary performance evaluation at your 3-month mark. Your second probationary evaluation will be completed at 5.5 months if on a 6-month probationary period or 7 months if on a 12-month probationary period.
    • If you are in a principal administrative position, your first evaluation will be completed near your one-year milestone.
    • If you are in a faculty position, your first evaluation will be completed during a focal review period.

    Ongoing coaching and counseling

    Ongoing coaching and counseling is imperative to your success and to foster your goals and the expectations to all employees. Throughout your first 6 months, you can expect to meet with your supervisor several times. These meetings are set up to help you succeed in your position. Topics such as job role and satisfaction, tools you may need to be successful, and how things are actually going for you will be covered. Look forward to these meetings as they provide opportunities for you to ask questions, receive support, and to further develop in your position at SIU Medicine.

    By the end of your first year, you should feel fully integrated into your department. Developing in your role at SIU Medicine does not stop here however. Continue to speak with your supervisor about your performance and the ideas you have to improve your area. Take advantage of the various development opportunities that exist for employees, such as supplementary training, tuition waivers and tuition reimbursement programs. The Office of Human Resources and SIU Medicine are grateful to you and your service, and we look forward to having you for many more years as an employee.