Kenneth Zalke, BA

Research Program Assistant
Population Science and Policy

    About me

    Primary Responsibilities:

    My primary responsibilities involve assisting full-time team members in analyzing data, designing policy, preparing reports, and reviewing legislation related to the objectives of the Department of Population Science and Policy.


    I am a first-year Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. Prior to attending Harris, I spent nearly five years in academic and litigation consulting settings performing research related to discrimination, inequality, and labor. These experiences were great in allowing me to develop strong skills in data analysis and quantitative research, but they also exposed me to various shortcomings of policy design and evaluation. I enrolled at Harris to further advance my skills and to transfer them to research organizations that address those shortcomings, such as the Department of Population Science and Policy. I am excited to spend this summer performing research that directly affects the citizens of Illinois and advances the field of health policy.



    Education & training

    Research program Assistant, Population Science and Policy
    Graduate Degree
    Master of Public Policy, University of Chicago
    Undergraduate Degree
    Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics, University of California Riverside