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Marketing Associate - Graphic Design Associate


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The function of this position is to serve as a graphic design associate in the Office of Marketing and Communications at SIU School of Medicine in Springfield and provide assistance in planning, designing and executing graphic design assignments and assisting in the development of animation, video and digital products for SIU Medicine and SIU School of Medicine. 

Duties and Responsibilities                                                                                                       

Demonstrates, by actions, commitment to the mission and the behavioral standards of SIU School of Medicine.  Provides excellent service to both internal and external customers through collaboration and partnership; compassion and respect; integrity and accountability; diversity and inclusion; as well as continuous learning and improvement.

Incumbent produces graphic artwork that may be used for informational, educational, or promotional purposes in such media as print, video, displays, online and other digital formats. 
Employees at this level perform skilled design tasks involving the preparation and production of complex graphic artwork. 
1.    Performs assigned skilled graphic design work, such as
a.    Determining project objectives in detail and preparing specifications (methods to be used and equipment needed) and cost estimates
b.    Designing and preparing final production ready artwork for a variety of media including video projects
c.    Specifying photographic-work needs for execution by photographers and videographers (such as subject scale in relation to the frame or type of lighting preferred) or performing photographic work personally
d.    Produces final graphic images from electronic and non-electronic formats for video, digital animation, motion graphics, PowerPoint slide production, print, digital platforms, websites or other graphic manipulations
e.    Selects and manipulates type for use in artwork (such as body copy, headline types, and typographical special effects)
f.    Assists printers and press and pre-press operators with work in progress to ensure specified methods are used
2.    Performs other related marketing and communications duties as assigned.
Any one or any combination that equals thirty-six (36) months from the categories below: 
o    credit for progressively more advanced college or art-school course work that would lead to a major in graphic/visual arts communication and/or design
    60 semester hours equals 12 months
    90 semester hours equals 24 months
    120 semester hours or a Bachelor's Degree equals 36 months
o    work experience and/or on-the-job training that provided knowledge of progressively more advanced, generally accepted principles, theories, practices, and methods used in graphic designs and their applications to visual communications problems that are/is comparable to the training provided in the programs such as graphic/visual arts communication and/or design
A Master's Degree in visual design, with emphasis in visual arts communication or a closely related field, meets all minimum acceptable qualifications.

Salary range is $36,000-$40,000 annually with a full benefit package.

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