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As part of our continuing mission to provide exceptional patient experience at SIU Medicine, and in tandem with our Forward Together colleague recognition program, we are sharing positive patient experience highlights.
Our September 2019 Patient Experience Highlight comes from the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Surgery, Colorectal Division for creating access and delivering fantastic patient care. Christopher McDowell, MD, saw a patient who was stable on Sept. 17. In collaboration with colorectal surgery, this patient was able to be seen by Prasad Poola, MD, the very next day. After seeing the patient and assessing the care that was needed, the patient was taken to surgery on Sept. 19.
 “Thank you to both providers for upholding our patient-centered culture and creating access to service,” said Mary Stewart, Chief Operating Officer. “This is true collegial collaboration amongst departments here at SIU Medicine to achieve a great patient outcome.”
Our October 2019 patient experience highlight recognizes Tracy Pate, Charge Nurse, and Amruta Dutia, MD, from the Center for Family Medicine - Decatur for delivering high quality care that is recognized by all age groups.
During a recent office visit at Decatur, the child of a patient utilized the chalkboard in the exam room to express sincere gratitude toward the provider and staff member for all the work they have done:
Such a unique expression of gratitude from a child! Thank you to Tracy and Dr. Dutia for showing compassion and creating a positive experience for both patients AND their families. Your continued work helps our patient-centered culture flourish.

Our November 2019 patient experience highlight recognizes Dr. Stacie Gregory, Department of Otolaryngology. Deciding on the appropriate diagnosis many times is a collaborative effort between specialties. Dr. Stacie Gregory was consulted by phone regarding a pediatric patient in the hospital who had disseminated lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly. The diagnosis was concerning for a rare syndrome called ALPS. Dr. Gregory arrived at the hospital shortly after the phone conversation with Dr. Lack. Specialists from Hem/Onc, ENT, ID and Hospital medicine were able to meet at the same time to decide on a plan of care. Four hours after the initial phone conversation, Dr. Gregory took the patient to surgery so the family could be given an answer. A physician colleague had stated that “care like this” would not have happened in a larger institution. This colleague was deeply impressed and stated that is why he loves practicing at places where everyone knows one another. Thank you to Dr. Gregory and all the providers associated with this case for valuing and acting upon patient centered care. Not only was the patient taken care of but the family as well. Your actions exemplify “Who We Are and Aspire To Be.”

If you would like to recognize a person, department, process, etc. for providing top quality patient experience we welcome any and all nominations and enjoy hearing your stories! Email your nomination forms to Our Patient Experience website can be found at

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