Michael Rosenberger, MD

Resident Physician
Internal Medicine

    About me



    Education & training

    Medical School
    Ross University School of Medicine
    Resident Program
    Resident Graduation Year
    Pecatonica, IL
    My hobbies include running, hiking, biking, volleyball and travel! My fiance & I are back and forth from LA, where you can usually find us up a mountain or enjoying the beach with our 2 dogs (Gus and Shiloh). Preparing for our next adventure in the Spring
    Why they chose SIU

    I went to college in Springfield and worked amongst the hospitals as a scribe, the med school as a researcher and the state health department during my graduate studies. Springfield has a sense of comfort that SIU excudes in its hospitality of patients and employees. It is great to be back in town at such a prestigious institution!