About CCCs

The CCC curriculum has been designed and developed through a collaborative work of the CCC committee, consisting of faculty and students at SIUSOM developing it since 2012. The CCC committee was initially formed from a Year 3 Innovation committee, where they reevaluated the Year 3 clerkship curriculum effectiveness and devised innovative ways to improve the curriculum. As the idea of CCC project was introduced and elaborated, leading members of the Year 3 Innovation committee constituted the CCC committee to embark on the CCC development work. Under the program leadership of Dr. Debra Klamen, Dr. Heeyoung Han has led the instructional content development for all cases and Dr. Anna Cianciolo has led the technology development of the web-based system. Cheryl Ashburn, a nurse educator, has been a clinical consultant for the project. Besides, there has been numerous faculty members, nurse educators, medical students, and community members who have contributed to this project through their participation in the development of CCC. The committee has completed the development of CCC in 2018 for the internal use and is working on future opportunities that the CCC project would entail.

Dr. Debra Klamen

Dr. Heeyoung Han

Dr. Anna Cianciolo

Cheryl Ashburn




The germ behind SIUSOM’s Critical Clinical Competency online curriculum came from Christof Daetwyler, MD, Associate Professor of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine and developer of online resources for medical education.  He is located at Drexel University College of Medicine.  We gratefully acknowledge his contribution.