Components of the Final Clerkship Evaluation:

Clinical Skills

Students will be evaluated by faculty and residents on their ability to:

  • Gather and organize data
  • Interpret data and make decisions
  • Apply medical knowledge to generate differential diagnoses and formulate plans of care.
  • Perform physical examinations and technical skills in surgery, clinics and inpatient services.
  • Prepare for clinical activities—prepping charts prior to clinic, demonstrating a knowledge of age-related screenings, prenatal course of care, ability to scrub, gown and glove self, and OR etiquette
  • Participate in weekly topic discussions.
  • Work as a team


Students will be evaluated by patients, faculty, residents, and staff on their demonstration of:

  • Coachability
  • Initiative
  • Intellectual curiosity—reading about your patients and asking appropriate questions
  • Leadership
  • Involvement in patient care
  • Commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles, and sensitivity to a diverse patient population
  • Interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective information exchange and teaming with patients, their families, and other health professionals.