Students will be evaluated at least weekly on clinical skills and professionalism using the On-the-Fly evaluation.  All On-the-Fly evaluations are compiled by the clerkship to create a summative evaluation.  Students must pass a clinical exam that includes two cases.  One case includes interviewing a standardized patient, followed by a computerized clinical competency exam (CCX), which also includes a diagnosis justification (DxJ).  The second case focuses on the student's ability to complete a mental status exam (MSE).  The student views a recorded patient interview and then gets fifteen minutes to type up an MSE on the patient. 

Your final evaluation is determined by the following components:

  • Clinical Exams-If a student fails one of the two exams, they will remediate a case.  If the student fails the case on the second attempt, the Department of Psychiatry will recommend a remediation plan to the Student Progress Committee.
  • Clinical Evaluations-Must have overall satisfactory evaluations.
  • Non-cognitive-Any early concern forms may impact your final evaluation.