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801 N. Rutledge St
Room 3289
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About Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the science of understanding the action of drugs and how they can prevent or treat diseases. [Learn More] Pharmacology is one of the key basic science subjects that is required for the education of health professionals at all levels, including physicians. Our Department is responsible for the delivery of the graduate program in Pharmacology and Neuroscience and the main instruction about pharmacology in the medical student curriculum.

Our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows represent a rich variety of American and international backgrounds and experience. Graduate training at the Masters and Ph.D. level is available for qualified students. [Learn More]

Research is the life blood of Pharmacology. Departmental faculty are pursuing several areas of research including:

  • neuroscience and auditory research
  • cardiovascular science
  • cancer biology
  • molecular pharmacology
  • toxicology

We study mechanisms of disease and development of ways to prevent or treat them. These studies are funded by National Institutes of Health and many other federal or national research organizations. 

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