Instructions For The Written Proposal

The written document will be written in the format of a grant proposal.
The proposal should not exceed 17 single-spaced pages.
Recommended format:
o Cover page (1 page, not counted in page limit)
o Specific Aims Page (1 page)
o Literature review with Significance and Innovation (up to 10 pages)
o Research plan (6 pages)
o References (no limit, not counted in the page limits)
Use Times New Roman or Arial font, no smaller than 11 point
Margins must be at least 0.5 in. on all sides.

For guidance, follow the research plan instructions for a pre-doctoral Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA (F31) award. Note that we are allowing more pages for the literature review.
Instructions for the NRSA are located at:
Under fellowships, find the link to a pdf with the appropriate list of instructions.