Physiology Neuroscience research

The nervous system allows an organism to sense and interact with its environment. Amongst the many factors that underlie nervous system function is the capacity of neurons to integrate information from many other neurons, to be excitable, and to modify their function based on experience. The research performed by the investigators associated with the Physiology Department utilizes cutting-edge, multidisciplinary approaches to understand how neuronal excitability and interconnectivity develop, are maintained, and are negatively impacted by aging or injury. The neuroscience group at SIU has members located in several departments on the Carbondale and Springfield campuses. Interactions among the group are promoted through the Neuroscience Journal Club and biennial meetings of the local and regional chapters of the Society for Neuroscience.

Faculty doing Neuroscience Research:

Lydia Arbogast, Ph.D.
Buffy Ellsworth, Ph.D.
Jacob Nordman, Ph.D.
Patrick Zheng, Ph.D.
Phil Jensik, Ph.D.
Bojun Chen, Ph.D.