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RAVE(MedAlert) Emergency Notification System

 SIU School of Medicine provides campus-wide emergency alerts to the Springfield campus community, called RAVE(MedAlert).

The RAVE(MedAlert) system sends emergency alert notifications that may impact SIU School of Medicine operations on the Springfield campus. SIU SOM Springfield campus faculty, staff, students, and residents will automatically receive emergency notifications via their SIU SOM email address. As an option, they can add personal telephone numbers and personal email addresses. Notifications are sent by text message, email message, and voice message.

An individual may register up to three email addresses and three telephone numbers to include cell phone, pager, and land line numbers. Alerts provide current emergency information related to the SIU School of Medicine Springfield campus and immediate areas. RAVE(MedAlert) alerts subscribers to an emergency situation and action to be taken. RAVE(MedAlert) also alerts subscribers to severe weather warnings in Springfield and Sangamon County. “ALL CLEAR” notifications are sent after the emergency no longer exists.

SIU School of Medicine uses redundant systems of emergency communication, including telephone, Internet, e-mail, radio and person-to-person, to distribute news and instructions during an emergency.


Questions: call 545-7777 or email
Technical questions can be emailed to


RAVE(MedAlert) Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add my personal cell phone number, landline number, and email address to my RAVE(MedAlert) account?

Members of the SIU SOM Springfield campus community automatically receive email notifications. If you are not at your desk to receive email notifications or don’t have your email account synchronized with your smart phone, you may not be aware of an emergency. Adding your personal cell phone number and personal email address allows additional methods to receive alerts, allowing you to be aware of emergency situations that affect the Springfield campus.

Will my personal cell phone numbers, pager numbers, and email addresses automatically transfer to my new RAVE(MedAlert) account?

No. You must log into your new account and add these numbers. Visit to manage your account.

I forgot the password to my RAVE(MedAlert) account. How do I get a new password?

Visit Enter your user name, which is your email SIU SOM email address. Click on forgot password and follow the instructions.

Can I opt out of receiving all RAVE(MedAlert) notifications?

SIU SOM Springfield campus faculty, staff, and students cannot opt out of receiving emergency alerts via their email address. They can choose to add or remove personal telephone numbers and email addresses.

Will I get charged for receiving emergency notifications on my cell phone?

Your cell phone provider may charge you for receiving text messages or telephone calls. Check your cell phone contract for details. Service costs from your cellular provider are your responsibility.

Will RAVE(MedAlert) periodically test the system?

The RAVE(MedAlert) system is tested monthly to ensure the system is working properly. The system is tested on the first Tuesday of each month.

Will the RAVE(MedAlert) system work during a power failure?

All systems, including email and text message systems are subject to failure due to emergencies or disasters. While RAVE(MedAlert) is a valuable addition to our existing emergency notification systems, we cannot guarantee that it will work in all emergencies. This is why we try to have redundant systems of emergency communication.

How do I update my information if my phone numbers or email address has changed?

Visit Log into your account to add or delete phone numbers and email addresses.

I work on the SIU SOM Springfield campus, but I am not am not an SIU SOM employee or I don’t have an email address. Can I receive the emergency alerts?

Yes. If you are a contractor, outside agency employee, or an intern, you can receive RAVE(MedAlert) notifications. Please email your request to subscribe

How do I acquire additional information about RAVE(MedAlert) or report a problem?

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Last updated December 4, 2019