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Services Offered

Security Escorts

Call the Office of Police and Security (OPS) at 545-7777 if you would like a member of OPS to walk with you to your vehicle.

Arrangements will be made as to what time and place to meet.

Locks & Keys

Key Control and lock maintenance is one of the responsibilities of OPS. The Lock Shop is a full service shop that provides a variety of service to the campus ranging from constructing special locks, cutting keys, and installing other access hardware. All requests for key card access, new or replacement keys, and lock or door repair should be made using the online request forms and submitted to OPS.

     Click HERE for Key Request form. 

     Click HERE to submit repair request.

Vehicle Emergencies

Dead Battery: If your vehicle is parked on campus and has a dead battery, OPS can assist by attempting to boost your vehicle battery or calling for a tow truck.

Keys Locked in Vehicle: OPS is not equipped to retrieve keys but will assist in any way possible, or calling a locksmith service.

Vehicle Overnight Parking: Please advise OPS if your vehicle will be left overnight so arrangements can be made to keep it secure.