Recent Publications

Addressing COVID-19
  • Summers-Gabr, N. M. (2020). Rural–urban mental health disparities in the United States during COVID-19. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Advance online publication.
  • Adjei Boakye, E, Jenkins, W, Sharma, A. Disproportionate impact of COVID‐19 pandemic on head and neck cancer survivors. Head & Neck. 16 April, 2020; 1– 3.
  • Jenkins, W.D., Bolinski, R., Bresett, J., Van Ham, B., Fletcher, S., Walters, S., Friedman, S.R., Ezell, J.M., Pho, M., Schneider, J. and Ouellet, L. (11 April, 2020), COVID‐19 During the Opioid Epidemic – Exacerbation of Stigma and Vulnerabilities. The Journal of Rural Health. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1111/jrh.12442
Addressing Children’s Health Disparities
  • Summers NM. Fact or Fiction: Children’s Acquired Knowledge of Islam through Mothers’ Testimony. Journal of Cognition and Culture 19 (2019) 195–215.
  • Zahnd W, Smith T, Ryherd S, Cleer M, Rogers V, Steward D. Implementing A Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum in Head Start Through An Academic-Community Partnership. Journal of School Health. 2017 Jun;87(6):465-473. doi: 10.1111/josh.12515.
  • Rogers V, Salzeider C, Holzum L, Milbrandt T, Zahnd W, Puczynski M. Keep Kids in School: A Collaborative Community Effort to Increase Compliance With State-Mandated Health Requirements. J Sch Health. 2016 May;86(5):382-5. doi: 10.1111/josh.12389. PMID: 27040475.
  • Zahnd WE, Rogers V, Smith T, Ryherd SJ, Botchway A, Steward DE. Gender-specific Relationships Between Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Obesity in Elementary School Students. Prev Med. 2015 Dec;81:138-41. doi: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2015.08.021. Epub 2015 Sep 5. PMID: 26348456.
Addressing Cancer Health Disparities
  • Thompson‐Harvey A, Yetukuri M, Hansen AR, Simpson MC, Adjei Boakye E, Varvares MA, Osazuwa‐Peters N. Rising incidence of late‐stage head and neck cancer in the United States. 126:5. March 1, 2020.
  • Wang M,Sharma A, Osazuwa-Peters N, Simpson MC, Schootman M, Piccirillo JF, Huh WK, Adjei Boakye E. Risk of Subsequent Malignant Neoplasms after an Index Potentially-human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated Cancers. Cancer Epidemiology. 64. February 2020.
  • Lee M, Khan MM, Brandt HM, Salloum RG, Chen B. The Effects of the Affordable Care Act on the Receipt of Colonoscopies among the Insured Elderly. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2020 Jan 2;17(1):313. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17010313.
  • Adjei Boakye E, Zeng W, Governor S, Nagendra S, Tobo BB, Simpson MC, Osazuwa-Peters N. Differences in human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake by nativity status among men aged 18–34 years. 16. December 2019.
  • Adjei Boakye, E., Osazuwa-Peters, N., Mohammed, K.A. et al. Prevalence and factors associated with diagnosed depression among hospitalized cancer patients with metastatic disease. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol (2019).
  • Desai PB, Bukatko AR, Simpson MC, Adjei Boakye E, Greenberg JW, Ward GM, Walker RJ, Antisdel JL, Osazuwa Peters N. Comorbidity burden and nonclinical factors associated with sinonasal cancer all‐cause mortality The Laryngoscope.14 August 2019.
  • McDaniel, J. T., Albright, D., Lee, H., Patrick, S., McDermott, R. J., Jenkins, W. D., Diehr, A. J., & Jurkowski, E. Rural-urban disparities in colorectal cancer screening among military service members and veterans. Journal of Military, Veteran, and Family Health. 29 April 2019.
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  • Simpson MC, Challapalli SD, Cass LM, Zahirsha ZS, Adjei Boakye E, Massa ST, Osazuwa-Peters N. Impact of gender on the association between marital status and head and neck cancer outcomes. Oral Oncology Feb 2019; 89:48-55.
  • Gaubatz ME, Bukatko AR, Simpson MC, Polednik KM, Adjei Boakye E, Varvares MA, Osazuwa-Peters N. Racial and socioeconomic disparities associated with 90-day mortality among patients with head and neck cancer in the United States. Oral Oncology Feb 2019; 89:95-101.
  • Adjei Boakye E, Buchanan P, Hinyard L, Osazuwa-Peters N, Simpson M, Schootman M, Piccirillo JF. Trends in the Risk and Burden of Second Primary Malignancy Among Survivors of Smoking-related Cancers in the United States. International Journal of Cancer. 145(1):143-153.
  • Adjei Boakye E,  Buchanan P, Hinyard L, Stamatakis K, Osazuwa‐Peters N, Simpson MC, Schootman M, Piccirillo JF. Risk and outcomes for second primary human papillomavirus–related and –unrelated head and neck malignancy. The Laryngoscope. online.
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  • Adjei Boakye E, Varble, A, Rojek, R, Peavler, O, Trainer, AK., Osazuwa-Peters, N, Hinyard, L. Sociodemographic Factors Associated With Engagement in Diabetes Self-management Education Among People With Diabetes in the United States. Public Health Reports. 2018;133(6), 685–691.
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Addressing Rural Health
  • Fogleman AJ, Zahnd WE, Lipka AE, Malhi RS, Ganai S, Delfino K5, Jenkins WD. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceived Barriers towards Genetic Testing across Three Rural Illinois Communities. 2019 Jul;10(3):417-423. Epub 2019 Jan 23. doi: 10.1007/s12687-019-00407-w.
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Addressing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Jenkins WD, Beach LB, Choat L, Rodriguez C. How the Evolving Epidemics of Opioids Misuse and HIV Infection may be Changing the Risk of Oral Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk through Microbiome Modulation. Critical Reviews in Microbiology. 2020 Feb;46(1):49-60. Epub 2020 Jan 30.doi: 10.1080/1040841X.2020.1716683.
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  • Osazuwa-Peters N, Hu A, Rohde RL, Tobo BB, Geneus CJ, Mohammed KA, Adjei Boakye E. Sociodemographic predictors of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV Vaccine Knowledge and Awareness among Americans Who Use the Internet as Their Primary Source of Health Information, Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet. 2019; 22:3, 199-216. DOI: 10.1080/15398285.2018.1509258
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Addressing Immigrant Health
  • Green JC, Adjei Boakye E, Schoening A, Vaughn MG. Peace in Guatemala and Immigrant Health in the United States,2018; 84(4), 704–709. DOI:
  • Green JC, BeLue R, Adjei Boakye E, Choi E, Vaughn MG. Armed Conflict in Central America and Immigrant Health in the United States. 2018;84(4):654–62. DOI:
Addressing Population Health
  • Buxton EK, Vohra S, Guo Y, Fogleman A, Patel R. Pediatric Population Health Analysis of Southern and Central Illinois Region: A Cross Sectional Retrospective Study Using Association Rule Mining and Multiple Logisitic Regression. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. 178, September 2019, 145-153.
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  • Behera A, Adjei Boakye E, Trivedi J, Armbrecht E,  Alshekhlee A, Edgell R. Real-World Impact of Retrievable Stents for Acute Ischemic Stroke on Disability Utilizing the National Inpatient Sample. Intervent Neurol 2019;8:60–68.