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Patient Experience Highlight | Maretta Sullivan

June 12, 2019

As part of our continuing mission to provide exceptional patient experience at SIU and in tandem with Dr. Lausen’s colleague recognition program we are back with another month of positive patient experience highlights.

Our May 2019 celebrated patient experience highlight comes from the Division of General/Trauma Surgery and goes to Maretta Sullivan. In the aftermath of a traumatic event, speed of care is key and an efficient, well-run clinic is vital in getting our patients on the road to recovery. Ensuring that their needs are met during times like these takes an enormous amount of work behind the scenes that some of our patients may never realize.

Maretta is the medical assistant for Drs. Sutyak and Wall, but she also helps out in clinics for Drs. Reid and Whitehurst. She prepares patient clinics even for those providers with whom she does not regularly work. She strives diligently to gather all pertinent information on her patients to keep things running efficiently for her providers and to ensure they have correct information even in times of high stress. She takes extra steps to make sure supplies are stocked, reordered, and never out of date. Above all, she regularly greets patients with a cheery smile and always maintains a professional attitude.

A colleague of Maretta’s had this to say:

“Maretta has a kind heart and always puts her patients and our providers above everything else. She does a lot of behind the scenes tasks to make sure our clinic area is well-managed and supplied. She never seeks credit for this but it means so much to the rest of the team. I believe she is a good example of what an SIU employee should be and one who truly cares about our patients and the care that they receive.”

Thank you, Maretta, for all that you do to help keep the rest of us on track!

Exceeding every patient’s expectations of their care at SIU is our #1 goal!

Recognize a person, department, process, etc. for providing top quality patient experience. We welcome any and all nominations and enjoy hearing your stories!