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Residents and Fellows

Ryan McCarty

Class of 2019, Internal Medicine

Alex Michael

Class of 2021, Neurosurgery

Gerald Miller

Class of 2019, Pediatrics

Bria Miller

Class of 2020, Carbondale Family Medicine

Kenneth Minielly

Class of 2020, Dermatology

Andrew Mitchelson

Class of 2020, Orthopaedic Surgery

Asiya Mohammed

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Laura Molony

Class of 2022, Psychiatry

Nicole Montes Corkery

Class of 2020, Internal Medicine

Eman Mosleh

Class of 2021, Pediatrics

Hamadi Murphy

Class of 2022, Orthopaedic Surgery

BreeAnna Murphy

Class of 2020, Emergency Medicine

Abdallah Naddaf

Class of 2019, Vascular Surgery

Asad Naeem

Class of 2021, Decatur Family Medicine

Aimen Naeem

Class of 2019, Decatur Family Medicine

Ruhani Nanavati

Class of 2022, Vascular Surgery