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Residents and Fellows

Thripura Thirtala

Class of 2018, Psychiatry

R. Darin Thomas

Class of 2018, Quincy Family Medicine

Lauren Thompson

Class of 2018, Radiology

Marit Tweet

Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine

Andrew Ugurian

Class of 2020, Carbondale Family Medicine

Kelechi Ukoha

Class of 2022, Internal Medicine/Diagnostic Radiology

Kiddy Ume

Class of 2020, Neurology

Shaan Valji

Class of 2020, Decatur Family Medicine

Brittany Varney

Class of 2019, Radiology

Carlos Viteri Yaquian

Class of 2018, Pulmonary Medicine

Meredith Volle

Class of 2019, Pediatrics

John Vu

Class of 2020, Quincy Family Medicine

Megan Walters

Class of 2018, Orthopaedic Surgery

Christine Warner

Class of 2020, Internal Medicine

Waiz Wasey

Class of 2018, Springfield Family Medicine

Victoria Watson

Class of 2023, Neurosurgery