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Residents and Fellows

Lauren Battley

Class of 2021, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Joshua Battley

Class of 2021, Neurology

Solmaz Bauk

Class of 2018, Springfield Family Medicine

John Bauman

Class of 2019, General Surgery

Aurora Bell

Class of 2019, Quincy Family Medicine

Ethan Berg

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Caitlyn Berg

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Andrew Bernales

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Adam Berry

Class of 2019, Dermatology

Priyanka Bhandari

Class of 2019, Springfield Family Medicine

Bishal Bhandari

Class of 2020, Internal Medicine

Corey Bichel

Class of 2022, Internal Medicine/Diagnostic Radiology

Brittany Blaise

Class of 2021, Internal Medicine/Dermatology

Kory Blank

Class of 2021, Orthopaedic Surgery

Benjamin Bova

Class of 2018, Pediatrics

Michelle Bryant

Class of 2021, Medicine/Psychiatry