Trauma Based Behavioral Health Fellowship


This is a didactic and experiential clinical platform that focuses on Trauma-Informed Practices, building integrated Trauma-Informed Systems of Care, learning assessment measures for clients who may have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), designing evidence-based treatment plans for clients and providing those services which help to reduce behavioral health and medical suffering, therefore increasing the health, well-being, happiness and productivity of the clients we serve.

The didactic training is delivered by community-based professionals working in their area of expertise, providing real-life experience and case scenarios to assist the student in understanding and in practice, to deliver behavioral health services within a team model.


OSUDS Fellows

The Opioid and other Substance use Dependence Fellows (OSUDS) program was recently added. Students in the program will work with collaborative partners including, three of the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) - Shawnee Health, Christopher Rural Health Corporation and Anna Rural Health Inc.

Each FQHC has designated a medical team who will train in our program about trauma and building trauma-informed systems of care. The OSUDS Fellows attend the first 16 training modules with the entire group. The OSUDS teams will then cross-train with the medical teams and learn about medically assisted treatment MAT as well as chronic disease management and provide the behavioral health component for those teams for the remaining time in the Fellowship.

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