Histology services

Histology is the preparation of biological tissue specimens which allows for microscopic examination of tissue structure and cells. Histology is used to gather research data and is an integral part of many scientific investigation processes.

Photo of a chicken ovary

Our drop off services include processing for both paraffin and frozen histology specimens. We can process, embed, section, and stain your specimens.  

Over 15 different special stains including H&E. 

TEM and SEM services including tissue prep, resin embedding and cutting.

Training on lab equipment is available. 

We sell 100% ethanol by the liter.

Labeling Specimens:

When submitting specimens, mark each container/tube clearly and legibly with the animal ID and Lab name. If there is specific orientation required, please let us know.

For a complete list of services, prices or questions, please contact Stacey McGee at smcgee@siumed.edu or come by the lab in LS3 room 2055.