Breast Center

    The Breast Center at SIU Medicine provides comprehensive care crafted to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our specialists are trained in all aspects of breast health including breast cancer, benign breast conditions, breast reconstruction and genetic testing for breast cancer. 

    A multidisciplinary team will design your cancer treatment plan using expert, evidence-based research. Breast center patients benefit from having access to innovative treatment options including the latest in precision radiation. You may also benefit from inclusion in one of our clinical trials to advance breast cancer care for others.

    The goal of your treatment plan is to remove the cancer and stop it from coming back or spreading. The plan will be based on your health and the stage and type of cancer. One or more approaches may be used.

    Options include: 

    • Surgery to remove as much cancer as possible
    • External or internal radiation therapy 
    • Chemotherapy drugs taken orally, by injection or intravenously
    • Medicines, such as:
      • Biological therapy to train or boosts the immune system to fight cancer
      • Targeted therapy—special antibodies are made to help attack cancer cells. These may keep cancer cells from growing and spreading, or kill them directly.
      • Hormone-blocking therapy—to slow or stop growth in certain types of breast cancer. The medication is taken over an extended time to help prevent recurrence.

    Surgical Services

    Focusing on the surgical management of benign and malignant tumors.
    •    Breast surgery
    •    Cardiothoracic surgery
    •    Colorectal surgery
    •    Gynecologic oncology
    •    Surgical oncology
    •    Urology