Resident/fellow life

A well-balanced lifestyle is encouraged at the SIU Family Medicine Residency Program-Carbondale.  Many social events are organized through the program to facilitate a sense of comradery and community with our residents, faculty, and staff.  With Southern Illinois University’s main campus located in Carbondale, residents are able to reside in a low cost of living community but still have that college town vibe.  The University brings diversity to the city in respect to dining options, shopping, and recreational/social events.

Southern Illinois houses several public Lakes (Lake of Egypt/Cedar Lake/Kinkaid Lake), the Shawnee National Forest (Garden of the Gods), Giant City State Park, and the Shawnee Wine Trails which provides a plentitude of activities to appreciate the natural beauty of outdoors: Hiking/Bike Trails, Kayaking/Canoeing, Fishing, Boating, Wine Drinking.   Throughout the year, Southern Illinois is the home to the “Apple Fest”, the “Peach Fest”, and even a “Vulture Fest” that residents can enjoy partaking in. 

If the big city life is more your style for a quick weekend getaway, Carbondale is centrally located among some of the bigger cities in the Midwest:  St.Louis (2 hours), Chicago (6 hours), Nashville (2.5 hours), Indianapolis (4 hours), Memphis (3 hours). For more information about Carbondale visit their website.


Quotes from previous residents

"I don't see how I could have gotten better training anywhere else. The program is small enough to provide individualized training and yet large enough to offer diversity." - Dr. James Gladish, D.O.

"The year before applying to residency, I participated in an observership at SIU FM and  had an insider's glimpse into the program. I chose SIU FM residency at Carbondale because of the program's strong leadership, the structure of the curriculum, and the approachability of the faculty. The physicians truly take the time to teach you and pass on their clinical wisdom. The learning opportunities at SIU are limitless because of the unopposed program and patient encounters from both the teaching hospital and the community physicians." -Dr. Abdul Haseeb, M.D.

"This is a great residency program for those who want to have opportunities to learn it all. We are an unopposed program in a hospital with nearly every type of specialty available and only us to teach! Working at this program feels like belonging to a big family. I am very glad I passed by the big cities to come here." -Dr. Melissa Lueking, M.D.