Research and scholarship

The Department of Family and Community Medicine recognizes that scholarship and research encompass a wide variety of activities and values the contributions of learners, staff, and faculty in engagement with scholarship, including:

Scholarship of Discovery:  discovery of new knowledge
Scholarship of Integration:  connecting across disciplines and connecting isolated information with broader bodies of knowledge.
Scholarship of Application: putting the knowledge into practice.
Scholarship of Teaching: development of educational programs or resources to educate stakeholders such as students, healthcare professionals, or the public.¹

Our faculty, staff, and learners participate in these areas of scholarship in many ways. Contributions to the greater body of knowledge are made through direct education, patient-based, and population-based initiatives and epidemiological research, the development of new and enduring educational materials, and collaboration with other scholars and researchers locally, nationally, and internationally.  


Department strategic plan for scholarship and research

The Department has established a strategic plan for increasing and improving our scholarship and research.

Provide mentorship in research and scholarship, build research and scholarship skills.
      •  SIU Family and Community Medicine Early Career Faculty Fellowship
      •  Formal mentor identified for all new and early career faculty

Increase resident and faculty participation in answering clinical questions, authoring case studies, review articles, and primary literature.
      •  Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) Help Desk Answers publications
      •  FPIN GEMS publications
      •  Online review publications (StatPearls, others)
      •  Standard journal print publications

Increase dissemination of educational innovations
      •  Sharing through local and national organizations and conferences such as SIU

Teaching and Learning Symposium, STFM, AAMC; creation of enduring educational materials
      •  Publication in medical and general educational journals
      •  Development of book or book chapter contributions

Increase collaboration across SIU Medicine departments
      •  Collaborative work with SIU Population Science and Policy, other SIU Medicine clinical specialties and SIU Medical Education


Increase collaboration with external organizations and institutions
      •  Collaborative work through STFM, AAFP, NAPCRG, IAFP, other clinical and educational institutions
      •  Leverage CAFM’s CERA network

Increase local and external funding for research
      •  SIU Family and Community Medicine Research Seed Grant, SIU Medicine Research Seed Grants, local, private and federal granting agencies
      •  Departmental assistance with project development, grant applications and project organization

Build upon and expand Departmental strengths into areas of excellence both within and outside of the University.
      •  Highlight and leverage expertise in areas including but not limited to:
          o  POCUS
          o  Obesity
          o  Technology in medicine
          o  Opioid use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery management
          o  Musculoskeletal and sports medicine
          o  Osteopathic resident education
          o  Interdisciplinary team learning
          o  Trauma-informed approaches
          o  Community health workers

Increase Departmental Leadership locally, nationally and internationally
      •  SIU Medicine leadership roles
      •  IAFP leadership, committee membership and leadership
      •  STFM, AAFP, NAPCRG, AAMC, other organization leadership and participation