Research and scholarships

The Department of Family and Community Medicine recognizes that scholarship and research encompass a wide variety of activities and values the contributions of learners, staff, and faculty in engagement with scholarship, including:

Scholarship of Discovery:  discovery of new knowledge
Scholarship of Integration:  connecting across disciplines and connecting isolated information with broader bodies of knowledge.
Scholarship of Application: putting the knowledge into practice.
Scholarship of Teaching: development of educational programs or resources to educate stakeholders such as students, healthcare professionals, or the public.¹

Our faculty, staff, and learners participate in these areas of scholarship in many ways. Contributions to the greater body of knowledge are made through direct education, patient-based, and population-based initiatives and epidemiological research, the development of new and enduring educational materials, and collaboration with other scholars and researchers locally, nationally, and internationally.  

The Department has established a strategic plan for increasing and improving our scholarship and research.

Provide mentorship in research and scholarship, build research and scholarship skills.

  • SIU Family and Community Medicine Early Career Faculty Fellowship
  • Formal mentor identified for all new and early career faculty

Increase resident and faculty participation in answering clinical questions, authoring case studies, review articles, and primary literature.

  • Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) Help Desk Answers publications
  • FPIN GEMS publications
  • Online review publications (StatPearls, others)
  • Standard journal print publications

Increase dissemination of educational innovations

  • Sharing through local and national organizations and conferences such as SIU Teaching and Learning Symposium, STFM, AAMC; creation of enduring educational materials
  • Publication in medical and general educational journals
  • Development of book or book chapter contributions

Increase collaboration across SIU Medicine departments

  • Collaborative work with SIU Population Science and Policy, other SIU Medicine clinical specialties and SIU Medical Education

Increase collaboration with external organizations and institutions

  • Collaborative work through STFM, AAFP, NAPCRG, IAFP, other clinical and educational institutions
  • Leverage CAFM’s CERA network

Increase local and external funding for research

  • SIU Family and Community Medicine Research Seed Grant, SIU Medicine Research Seed Grants, local, private and federal granting agencies
  • Departmental assistance with project development, grant applications and project organization

Build upon and expand Departmental strengths into areas of excellence both within and outside of the University.

  • Highlight and leverage expertise in areas including but not limited to:
    • POCUS
    • Obesity
    • Technology in medicine
    • Opioid use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery management
    • Musculoskeletal and sports medicine
    • Osteopathic resident education
    • Interdisciplinary team learning
    • Trauma-informed approaches
    • Community health workers

Increase Departmental Leadership locally, nationally and internationally

  • SIU Medicine leadership roles
  • IAFP leadership, committee membership and leadership
  • STFM, AAFP, NAPCRG, AAMC, other organization leadership and participation