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Benefit Plan Contacts and Websites


State Universities Retirement Systems (SURS)               Phone: 800/275-7877 (800/ASK-SURS)

For information regarding your 8% SURS contribution made from compensation. Website offers Plan information, forms, and on-line membership.


State of Illinois Benefits Website –My Benefits Service Center               Phone: 844/251-1777

For information regarding health, dental, life, vision insurance, flexible spending programs, etc. Select State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP member). You may view the Benefit Choice Options Booklet and many other resources and forms that contain valuable information on the benefit options available as well as the insurance premiums.


Connect Your Care                 Phone: 888/469-3363

This is the contact information for the State of Illinois Flexible Spending Program.


CVS/Caremark - Prescription Drug Plan Administrator for Healthlink OAP, Aetna OAP, and the Quality Care Health Plan                           Phone: 877/232-8128


Minnesota Life Insurance Company             Phone: 888/202-5525


Employee Assistance Program (Magellan Behavioral Health)                                         Phone: 866/659-3848


Individual Websites for Health Plans Offered in the Springfield and Surrounding County Area

Phone: 855/339-9731          GROUP NUMBER 285650 (Aetna OAP) GROUP NUMBER 285654 (Aetna HMO)

Phone: 800/851-3379          GROUP NUMBER 000010 (HEALTH ALLIANCE HMO)

Phone: 800/868-9520          GROUP NUMBER H06800 (HMO ILLINOIS)

Phone: 800/868-9520          GROUP NUMBER B06800 (BLUE ADVANTAGE HMO)

Phone: 800/624-2356          GROUP NUMBER 160000 (HealthLink OAP)

Phone: 855/339-9731          GROUP NUMBER 285658 (Quality Care Health Plan)

Phone: 800/323-1743          GROUP NUMBER 20240 (Quality Care Dental Plan)

Phone: 866/723-0512          GROUP NUMBER 9784869 (EyeMed)