The Core Curriculum Conference Series will be taught by full-time clinical cardiology faculty. Periodically we will have external guest speakers on selected topics and utilize internal SIU faculty from other divisions regarding topics such as Hypertension, Radiology topics, Research design/biostatistics, ethics, and others. Conferences will include:

  • Clinical Conference
  • Cardiology Grand Rounds
  • EP/ECG Conference
  • Echo/Imaging Conference
  • Cath Lab Conference
  • Journal Club
  • Patient Safety
  • Morbidity and Mortality
  • Other topics of interest.


The core curriculum conferences will include an acute care series primarily designed for first year fellows in the month of July. The remaining central core curriculum will repeat itself annually. The core conferences will have the content placed online in terms of the slide set so that they can be reviewed and discussed with faculty if they are not able to attend. Conferences are mandatory and fellows will be expected to attend.


A full schedule of cardiology conferences will occur weekly, consisting of about 5 hours per week of formal conferences. In addition to the weekly conferences, there will be a regular schedule of conferences including Morbidity/Mortality/Patient Safety, Journal Club, and other specialty conferences. The core conference schedule will consist of the following:

  1. Cath Conference
  2. Cardiac Imaging Conference (Echo, Nuclear, CT/MRI)
  3. ECG/EP Conference
  4. Clinical Conference
  5. Cardiology Grand Rounds
  6. Internal Medicine Ground Rounds.
  7. In addition, there are weekly Structural Heart (TAVR) Conferences.


One learning activity that would incorporate all of these objectives is a regular (monthly) Cardiology Journal Club in which the fellows would learn the critical appraisal of new studies through a review of the topic area, use of IT to find background and other information on the study topic, and to assimilate it together for presentation and discussion in a structured and educational format. The application to this paper and data surrounding the exercise to current practice would be discussed and highlighted during the journal club. This would involve all fellows and faculty.