Consultative Cardiology

General Goals: The goals for the rotation include a broad experience in consultative/inpatient cardiology. This will include acutely ill patients in the intensive care units. In general, critically ill cardiac patients are evaluated by the CCU fellow, although the consult fellow may be called to assist in the evaluation of patients in the ED. Additionally consults will be seen and evaluated on the general medical and surgical floors. Through participation in the initial evaluation and ongoing care of these patients, the fellows will broaden their knowledge base in cardiology and in consultative medicine.



  • Increase knowledge base in all aspects of clinical cardiology.
  • Learn communication skills in the role of a consultant.
  • Improve teaching skills through interaction with patients, medical students, residents and other healthcare providers.
  • Utilize diagnostic testing appropriately for patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Increase overall level of independence to achieve the primary goal of functioning as an independent cardiology consultant.
  • Coordinate and organize teaching activities and daily rounds, with appropriate advice and support from the attending.
  • Triage patients in order to optimize patient care.
  • General topics to be covered during this rotation:
  • Assessing and constructing a plan of care for patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Appropriate utilization of non-invasive and invasive testing in the inpatient setting.
  • Incorporation of testing results into the plan of care and modifying as required.
  • Understanding of pharmacology of cardiovascular medications and their application in specific patient settings.
  • Increasing responsibility according to level of training will be incorporated into the rotation by the attending physician staff delegating greater communication and care roles to the fellow as appropriate.
  • Coordination of care through the care continuum – including establishing appropriate outpatient follow-up and testing