Dermatology Residency Application Information

Information for students applying to dermatology residency

A statement with additional information has been released by the Association of Professors of Dermatology Residency Program Directors Section.

Supplemental ERAS application

Our residency program participates in the new AAMC Supplemental ERAS Application, which will include token preference signaling. Per AAMC and NRMP guidance, completion of this supplemental application is optional for all applicants. 

We highly encourage applicants to our standard track to complete the supplemental ERAS application as we will be using the data to further our goals of holistic review. This information will be combined with the data in the MyERAS application to better understand applicants’ path to medicine, prior experiences and activities, and what is meaningful to each applicant. Please be honest in your responses, as this will help us and you gauge whether our program can fully appreciate your contributions and prior experiences, and support your goals and unique learning style.

Preference signaling

The Division of Dermatology at SIU School of Medicine is following the current recommendations of the Association of Professors of Dermatology in regards to preference signaling. Please see their attached statement above for additional information.

Pre- and post-interview communication

Because we are participating in the new supplemental application and preference signaling, we will not consider other informal mechanisms of showing interest including emails from you or an advocate, letters of intent, or thank you notes. Please do not send this type of communication either pre- or post-interview. If you have specific questions about the program, these can be directed to either Pam Larson, our program coordinator, or Dr. Berry. We will communicate with you via email regarding interview information and status of your application. For the standard track, we will not provide additional information about your position on our rank list or likelihood of matching with us.


All interviews will be virtual. We understand that applicants have strong and varying opinions about in-person and virtual interviews. While we want to give applicants the opportunity to get to know our program, residents, faculty, and city in person, we are cognizant of the financial costs of in-person interviews, the impact of travel on our environment, and the potential to lead to inequity and lack of sustainability in the process, and have decided to proceed with virtual interviews this year.

Reach out to Pam Larson with any questions.