MyProgress Help Documents

It's important to sync the MyProgress app before/after use, when possible.  Syncing downloads any updates and sends what you've completed to the server.  Make sure that you are connected to wifi before you sync to avoid losing your work.  If you are on a network that includes a portal, like SIUGuest, make sure you log in before you sync.


SIUMED users should click on the single sign-on button, then enter your credentials. 

Non-SIUMED users can log in directly on the page linked above if they have been added to the system.  If you don't know your password, you can click on the forgotten password link.  Your user ID is usually just your first initial and last name.  Instructions for non-SIUMED users

Contact for assistance!


App Installation (service ID is SIUMED; If you have an email address, you will need to have Duo Mobile installed on your phone for the app to work.  Contact the help desk @ 545-HELP if you need help installing Duo Mobile.)

Adding a Profile Picture

If you will be completing an assessment on the website multiple times, like the Tutor Group Assessment or Logbooks, consider opening multiple copies of the assessment in separate tabs so that you don't have to locate the assessment again after you complete it.  In Firefox, right-click on Complete Now and choose Open Link in New Tab.

MyProgress has scoring capabilities built into their assessments, but we aren't using that feature, so you can safely ignore any scores that appear.

Be aware that once assessments are submitted, either via the web or by syncing the app, they will not show up in any reports until the following day.  It may show up immediately on your list of completed assessments on the site, but if you are close to a deadline, just know this might happen.  Assessments completed on the website will not show up on the phone; this is likely by design, to minimize the amount of storage used by the app on your phone. 

It appears that all of the emails generated from MyProgress go out under the name of Melissa Buchanan.  These are legitimate emails and should not be ignored.

Students:  If you have multiple copies of a form, use the one with the most recent datestamp.  We will withdraw forms to get them off your list when possible, however, particularly with the OTF form, sometimes you may end up with multiple copies.  Why is that?  If you invite a faculty member to assess you via the OTF form, and then we withdraw it prior to that assessment being completed, that invitation becomes invalid.  However, sometimes a form is updated or we have to send out another copy for some other reason.  Don't worry -- even if a form is withdrawn, any data you've submitted is still on the server and will be included in the reports.  Any time a form is redeployed, the count of responses reverts to zero, but you can still see your completed responses on the website under the Responses to General Assessments tab.

Multi-Page Assessments / Saving Drafts

If you are completing a multi-page assessment, make sure to save your progress on each page before you advance to the next page.  Saving your progress will also update the completion percentage for the assessment.

Tutor Group Assessments

Every field must be completed.  This includes the tutor group on the first page.  As you complete each page, save your progress before moving to the next page. When you finish the last page, save your progress and check the progress indicator at the top right.  You should be at 100% if you are all done.

TGA - Saving a Draft

Viewing Results


Results will be available for the faculty on the report server.


Students:  Using the app to invite someone to evaluate you via the MyProgress OTF assessment

Students:  Using the website to invite someone to evaluate you via the MyProgress OTF assessment

Students:  How to update an email address on an OTF invitation

Faculty:  Starting a MyProgress OTF assessment without an invitation

Faculty:  Resuming a Draft OTF assessment

Year 4

Student Instructions

Instructions for faculty with SIUMED email accounts

Adjunct faculty who teach electives should be able to sign in.  You should get an email when an account is created.  If you don't know your password, you can click on the forgotten password link.  Your user ID is usually just your first initial and last name.