MyProgress Help Documents


Logging in with SIUMED Single Sign-On (32 seconds)

Logging in with a non-SIUMED account (41 seconds)

ePAD Navigation (2 minutes, 53 seconds)

Year 1: Class 2027 Student View (4 minutes, 5 seconds)

Year 2: Student View (1 minute, 28 seconds)

Year 3: Class 2025 Completing an On the Fly form without an invitation (faculty) (1 minute, 39 seconds) 

Year 3: Class 2025 Student Overview (3 minutes, 2 seconds)

Year 4: Student View and Sending Invitations to complete forms (1 minute, 37 seconds)

Year 4: Faculty instructions for grading an elective (1 minute, 41 seconds)


SIUMED users should click on the single sign-on button, then enter your credentials. 

Non-SIUMED users can log in directly on the page linked above if they have been added to the system.  If you don't know your password, you can click on the forgotten password link.  Your user ID is your email address.  Instructions for non-SIUMED users

Contact for assistance!

Student Dashboard Access (guide by Jay Patel)


App Installation (service ID is SIUMED; If you have an email address, you will need to have Duo Mobile installed on your phone for the app to work.  Contact the help desk @ 545-HELP if you need help installing Duo Mobile.)

There is a new version of the app for STUDENTS ONLY.  Faculty and staff should use the original version of the app.  The new student version is called MyProgress Allied Health.

The ePAD vs the original MyProgress Site:  The ePAD is a new, more user-friendly interface for the original MyProgress site.  Forms submitted through the ePAD interface should show up in the original site, and we're told that you can send reminders through the original site for email for later forms sent through the ePAD (i.e. OTF or elective grades).

To add a profile picture, click on your initials in the top left corner of the ePAD.  Your profile will come up and you can upload a photo.

Be aware that once assessments are submitted, either via the web or by syncing the app, they will not show up in any reports until the following day.  It may show up immediately on your list of completed assessments on the site, but if you are close to a deadline, just know this might happen.  Assessments completed on the website will not show up on the phone; this is likely by design, to minimize the amount of storage used by the app on your phone. 

All of the emails generated from MyProgress go out under the name of Melissa Buchanan.  These are legitimate emails and should not be ignored.

Faculty, please note that you will see a banner saying that you are viewing a restricted version of the ePad.  That is correct, as only students get an unrestricted version.