Barnard w sim kit

Group wins international sim training contest

SIU surgeon Melanie Barnard, MD, was part of an international team of clinicians who won the $700,000 grand prize to design low-cost simulation surgical training in the Global Surgical Training Challenge.
blood pressure check Taylorville FCM

SIU Medicine recruiting patients for high blood pressure study

SIU Medicine researchers are enrolling patients in a study to see if ultrasound energy can be used to improve blood pressure in people with hypertension.
Ben Richardson

$1.86M grant helps SIU scientist broaden brain research into autism

Ben Richardson, Ph.D. , has spent his career studying functions and circuits in the brain and what causes them to behave abnormally, especially within an area called the cerebellum. His work has
stormy road

Amid national 'opioid epidemic' methamphetamine often overlooked

A new study shows methamphetamine remains a stubbornly prevalent illicit substance in large swaths of rural America. Findings recently published in JAMA Network Open indicate that methamphetamine is
Kristal Adams

Adams research efforts earn 2022 Toth Award

The Research Policy Committee honored Kristal Adams with the 2022 Frank J. Toth Award, the highest recognition for SIU School of Medicine research support personnel. Adams is a clinical research program director in the Center for Clinical Research.

SIU Medicine enrolling patients for Parkinson’s disease clinical trial

SIU Medicine is recruiting patients with early-stage Parkinson’s disease to study a new drug that could become a potential treatment for the debilitating condition. Parkinson's disease (PD) is a

SIU Medicine Launches Clinical Trial to Study PTSD

Do you suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or know someone who does? SIU School of Medicine has launched a clinical trial to study the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug for

SIU Medicine Group to Study COVID’s Potential Effects on Alzheimer’s

Medical researchers at SIU School of Medicine’s Neuroscience Institute are studying how the novel coronavirus may accelerate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Their data could help identify