The 3B Nurse Training Doll

The Nurse Training Doll is a teaching model for training nurses with a wide range of exercises possible including first aid, emergency situations, and standard nursing practices. The mannequin is constructed to simulate as nearly as possible the normal positions and movement of the human body.

3B Training Doll -- wide range of exercises possible including both first aid and emergency situations and standard practices.  Doll constructed to simulate as nearly as possible the normal positions and movements of the human body.  Also has a wide variety of trauma body parts that may be attached, dressed, treated etc.

  • Resuscitation: mouth to nose, mouth to mouth, ventilation bag, other
  • Bandages
  • Irrigation of eyes and ears
  • Gastric lavage
  • Intestinal irrigation
  • Irrigation of bladder
  • Irrigation of vagina
  • Enemas
  • Catheterization -- male and female
  • Injections and infusions
  • Ostomy
The 3B Nurse Training Doll Photo

3B Nurse Training Baby

The 3B Nurse Training Baby is suited for use in the instructional and practice of all important aspects of ill and healthy infant care.

Size and weight is comparable to that of a newborn infant. Interchangeable abdominal wall inserts with genital segments permit easy practice of care procedures for male and female infants.

Shoulder, hip, and knee joints allow almost every movement natural to a newborn infant. There is also a joint between the head and neck and one in the thoracic region. The soft skin of the head allows palpation of the anterior and posterior fontanelles.

3B Training Baby -- true to life model is suited for use in the instruction and practice of all-important aspects of male/female ill and healthy infant care:

  • Umbilical care
  • Suctioning of nasopharynx
  • Tube feeding
  • Administration of mediation
  • Insertion and care of a tracheal cannula
  • IM and SQ injections
  • Obtaining urine specimens with a urine collection bag
  • Bladder catheterization
  • Rectal temperature
  • Enemas
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EVA Pelvic Training Manikin

EVA is designed for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures through the comprehensive, stress free introduction of gynecological examinations into a curriculum.  EVA provides detailed and life-like anatomical features.

  1. Abdominal palpation
  2. Speculum insertion and removal
  3. IUD insertion and removal
  4. Bimanual and rectovaginal examination of normal and abnormal uterine and adnexal pathology
  5. Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervical disorders
  6. Diaphragm sizing and fitting
  7. Uterine sounding
  8. Catheterization of the urethra
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Cardiac Auscultation Simulator with Respiratory Sound

Cardiac Auscultation Simulator with Respiratory Sound -- reproduces heart sounds and murmurs and respiratory sounds

Cardiac Auscultation Simulator with Respiratory Sound Photo

Lung Model with Heart, Larynx and Diaphragm

Lung Model with Heart, Larynx and Diaphragm -- movable pieces

Lung Model with Heart, Larynx and Diaphragm Photo

Large Plastic Brain Model

Large Plastic Brain Model -- movable pieces

Large Plastic Brain Model

Pneumothorax Simulator

Pneumothorax Simulator -- consists of a rigid upper torso reinforced by a simulated ribcage covered with a foam liner and life-like vinyl skin. Students may puncture both sides.

Pneumothorax Simulator Photo

Head and Torso Model

Head and Torso Model Photo (Back)   Head and Torso Model Photo (Front)

The Nasco Life/Form Blood Pressure Simulator

The Nasco Life/Form Blood Pressure Simulator is designed as a training tool for the nurse, doctor, medical technician, or anyone involved in the training of health care professionals.

The simulator has digitally recorded blood pressure sounds that can be varied by pulse rate and volume. The different Korotkoff phases can be identified and an optional auscultatory gap can be included.

The Nasco Life/Form Blood Pressure Simulator Photo 1  The Nasco Life/Form Blood Pressure Simulator Photo 2

Heart and Great Vessels

Large Plastic Heart Model -- movable pieces



Heart and Great Vessels Photo

Suture Practice Arm

Three "wounds" provided can be repeatedly sutured; wounds can be bandaged.

arm model

Adult Male Skeleton


Adult Male Skeleton Photo

Smash Advanced Patient Training Arm

  • Pulsatile artieral bloodflow
  • Arterial stick exercises
  • Arteriovenous anastomosis/hemodialysis
  • Skin/tissue suture kit
  • Infusion techniques
  • Blood collection
  • Intravenous injections
  • Subcutaneous injections
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Arterial Puncture Arm Simulator

The Arterial Puncture Arm provides realistic practice in drawing arterial blood samples. Students can actually identify puncture locations through palpation of the pulse at either the radial or brachial sites. Realistic arterial pressure produces a lifelike backflow of blood in the syringe, confirming proper needle location in the artery.

Arterial Puncture Arm Simulator Photo

Airway Larry

Realistic simulator for training of intubation and other airway management skills. Allows you to practice oral, digital, and nasal intubation. Several insertions can all be practiced as well. Suction techniques and proper cuff inflation as also be performed and evaluated.

Airway Larry Photo

Surgical Sally

Surgical bandaging simulator features female with 14 surgical wounds, including a mid-sternal split with chest tube drain, a sacral decubitus ulcer- stage 2, and a leg amputation stump.

Surgical Sally Photo


Babycode -- realistically simulates a 6 month-old infant

  1. Infant intubation -- oral and nasal
  2. NG tube insertion
  3. IV
  4. Intraosseous infusion
  5. ECG monitoring
  6. Heart and breath sound auscultation
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Spinal Injection Simulator

This accurate replica of the lower back with spinal column and spinal cord insert insures proper resistance in needle puncture and accurate palpation of reference points. The simulator allows one to practice spinal, epidural, caudal, sacral and lumbar injection techniques.

Spinal Injection Simulator Photo

Megacode ACLS Torso "Deluxe Plus" with Multi-Sounds

  1. Airway Management skills
  2. Tension Pneumothorax Decompression
  3. Cardiac Related Skills
  4. Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration
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Injection Arm

This right arm combines all features required for i.v., i.m. and s.c. injection and infusion training as well as blood collection exercises.

injection arm

Geri Manikin

  1. Male catheterization
  2. Prostate exam
  3. Female catheterization
  4. Enema Administration
  5. Douching, Pap Smears, Vaginal Inspection
  6. Ostomy Care
  7. Tracheostomy Care
  8. Oral and Nasal Lavage, Gavage, and Suctioning
  9. Eye Irrigation
  10. Eye Care
  11. IM Injections
  12. IV Injections
  13. BP training
  14. Range of Motion
Geri Manikin Photo

Prostate Examination Simulator

The Life/Form Prostate Examination Simulator is designed to closely duplicate the tactile qualities of clinical prostate examinations. It accurately portrays various stages of prostatic carcinoma and helps the student to learn to distinguish clinically between the benign gland and malignancy.

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Arrhythmia Scenario Trainer Kit

Arrhythmia Scenario Trainer Kit -- is an ECG waveform simulator that will generate arrhythmias and is capable of having programmable scenarios for training medical personnel in arrhythmia recognition and defibrillator operation protocols as part of ACLS training. Outputs the ECG signal to either an MPL manikin or to most three lead monitors

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Multi-Sounds Trainer Kit

Multi-Sounds Trainer Kit -- Reproduces Heart and Lung sounds.  Can be placed in a MPL manikin or used alone

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3B Scientific Torso

3B Scientific Torso -- very detailed torso with various anatomical structures; have a CD ROM of all illustrations and tests for simple and rapid lesson preparation.

3B Scientific Torso Photo

Breast Self-Examination Model

Breast Self-Examination Model --several lumps are embedded in the model

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Motor Neuron

Motor Neuron -- plastic model

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Isolation Cart

Fully supplied with equipment to practice isolation techniques

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Large Systems Flip Chart

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Wide variety of trauma body parts that may be assessed, dressed, treated etc.

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Wall mounted Diagnostic System with Ophthalmoscope

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Two Wheelchairs