C*P*R: Surgery

Video Name/Description

Surgery Procedures 
6 Minute Surgical Scrub5:26
Basic Techniques of Wound Closure36:14
Concepts of Scrubbing, Gowning and Gloving25:38
Proper Technique for Transferring a Patient in the Operating Room5:00
Online MedEd (videos only accessible with a suscription to MedEd, which you will find when you access the link) 
Surgery: General - Preop Evaluation10:53
Surgery: General - Postop Fever10:23
Surgery: General - Other Postop Issues22:43
Surgery: General - Obstructive Jaundice12:24
Surgery: General - Esophagus14:23
Surgery: General - Small Bowel13:09
Surgery: General - Pancreas07:13
Surgery: General - Gallbladder20:16
Surgery: General - Colorectal16:44
Surgery: General - Abdominal Pain15:30
Surgery: General - Leg Ulcers13:00
Surgery: General - Breast Cancer20:03
Surgery: Subspecialty - Peds: First Day14:40
Surgery: Subspecialty - Peds Weeks to Months11:43
Surgery: Subspecialty - Endocrine Diseases14:15
Surgery: Subspecialty - Surgical Hypertension11:11
Surgery: Subspecialty - Peds CT Surgery29:47
Surgery: Subspecialty - CT Surgery13:25
Surgery: Subspecialty - Vascular18:49
Surgery: Subspecialty - Peds Ophtho12:00
Surgery: Subspecialty - Adult Ophtho10:52
Surgery: Subspecialty - Skin Cancer08:12
Surgery: Subspecialty - Neuro Brain Bleeds09:46
Surgery: Subspecialty - Uro Peds16:45
Surgery: Subspecialty - Uro Cancer15:15
Surgery: Subspecialty - Uro Misc20:43
Surgery: Subspecialty - Ortho Hand12:54
Surgery: Subspecialty - Ortho Peds13:17
Surgery: Trauma - Shock21:53
Surgery: Trauma - Head11:38
Surgery: Trauma - Neck13:58
Surgery: Trauma - Chest20:13
Surgery: Trauma - Abdomen14:53
Surgery: Trauma - Burns17:11
Surgery: Trauma - Bites and Stings11:36

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Acid/Base Balance 
Perioperative Care 
Postoperative Care 
Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Constipation 
Trauma I: Initial Trauma Evaluation 
Trauma II: Diagnosis and Management 
Abdominal Wall/Groin Masses 
Abdominal Pain 
Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage 
Intra-abdominal and Retroperitoneal Masses 
Perianal Problems 
Non-Cardiac Chest Pain 
Skin and Soft Tissue Lesions 
EHR Documents 
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Essentials for StudentsPDF
Primary Care OtolaryngologyPDF
Surgical Recall - 6th EditionPDF
The Washington Manual of Surgery - 6th EditionPDF
Vascular Endovascular Surgery Combat ManualPDF



This is a national live videoconference series hosted by UCSF. They do a one hour zoom conference every day to discuss various topics in Urology. They are bringing in experts from institutions across the country to discuss various topics. While these are aimed at resident level education, most of these will have student-appropriate level knowledge as well. 



Presentation videos of Zoom conferences 


American Urologic Association

Medical Student Urologic Curriculum



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