2017 MPEE Participants


Participant Project title Mentor Location
Farris Abou-Hanna                                                                                  A comparison of team leader, team member, and objective observer evaluations of leadership Skills during multi-disciplinary trauma simulation Jonathan dela Cruz, MD                                                                                                 SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL               
Brendan Finnell Type I PTH/PTHrP receptor regulates mitochondrial biogenesis and morphology in embryonic mouse cardiomyocytes Lisa D. Wilsbacher, MD, PhD Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
Kaitlin Gibson Impact of early fluid and electrolyte management of in-hospital outcomes for extremely preterm infants Beau Batton, MD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Sheela Gogula Evaluating home nursing interventions for preterm infants Sameer Vohra, MD, JD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Kyle Gollon Efficacy of advanced imaging modalities in the management of acute ischemic stroke Augusto E. Eliast, MD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Thomas Herrmann Frequency and timing of toxicity following test dose of administration of methotrexate in the treatment of dermatological and rheumatological conditions Morgan Wilson, MD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Jennifer Hill Prenatal bisphenol A exposure and problematic externalizing behaviors among children Sarah Geiger, PhD Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Urbana, IL
Collin Innis Gastrocnemius recession for chronic noninsertional and insertional achilles tendinopathy Benjamin Stevens, MD Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL
Nick Lanzotti Creating a unified clinical decision algorithm to predict long-term patient outcomes when utilizing mechanical thrombectomy to treat ischemic stroke Augusto E. Elias, MD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Blake Vest The role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome in mice Shelley Tischkau, PhD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL
Bradley Vost The effects of Aβ42 expression on hippocampal glutamatergic neurotransmission in a knock-in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, APPNL-F/NL-F Erin R. Hascup, PhD SIU-SOM, Springfield, IL