Year 1 Curriculum


    Thank you for your interest in SIU School of Medicine's first-year curriculum! Please use this page to learn more about how learning here is structured, assessed, and governed.

    Educational Program Outcomes (EPOs)

    Learning at SIU School of Medicine is guided by Educational Program Outcomes (EPOs). These are concepts and skills you must master to graduate. EPOs guide the objectives for each unit (our accrediting body, the LCME, refers to these as courses) which, in turn, guide the objectives for each Y1 session or activity. To review the SIU School of Medicine's EPOs, please click here. To review Y1's unit/course objectives, please click here.

    Year One Overview Document

    How do Y1 students make progress toward the Educational Program Outcomes (EPOs)? What is problem-based learning (PBL)? What is self-directed learning (SDL)? How are students assessed? For detailed answers to these questions and more, please review the Year One Overview Document here

    Note: Some policies and procedures may change from year to year. Please reach out to Y1 for the most current version of the Y1 overview document if it isn’t posted here.

    Year One Curriculum Advisory Committee (Y1CAC)

    The Year One Curriculum Advisory Committee (Y1CAC) discusses, reviews, and creates policies which affect teaching, learning, and assessment in Y1. Like other curriculum committees, it reports to SIU SOM's Educational Policy Council (EPC). For more information about Y1CAC, please review its Operating Paper here.

    Sample Y1 Calendar

    To review a sample annual Y1 calendar, please click here. Exam dates, holidays, and breaks may vary slightly from year to year.