Internal Medicine Clerkship

SIU Medicine is proud to offer an immersive and comprehensive Internal Medicine Clerkship for our students who are interested in entering health care as leaders in their field.

Our faculty prepares residents by providing evidence-based education, real-time clinical training and ongoing research and professional development opportunities. We base our curriculum on the latest evidence and innovations in disease prevention and management.

Students enrolled in our Internal Medicine Clerkship have the opportunity to explore a wide range of subspecialties such as sleep medicine, cardiology and critical care, and will get to experience both inpatient and outpatient settings within SIU Medicine’s large network of clinics and affiliated hospitals.


Research at SIU Medicine

"The way we teach our medical students and resident physicians is what SIU Medicine is all about. From that trickles down so much more that leads to great patient care to further research to improving the future of medicine.", M. Neumeister, MD

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