Neurology Clerkship goals

To learn the principles and skills underlying the recognition and management of neurologic diseases that a general practitioner is most likely to encounter in practice, with special emphasis on the neurologic emergencies.


  • Demonstrate competence in presenting and documenting a neurologic history and physical examination.
  • Demonstrate competence in conducting a complete neurological examination.
  • Recognize neurological symptoms and localize lesions.
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of neurosciences to the understanding of the mechanisms of neurological disease and their treatment.
  • Generate neurological differential diagnoses.
  • Develop experience in funduscopic examinations.
  • Recognize neurological emergencies and the need for immediate patient management.
  • Exhibit independent and self-directed learning.
  • Display professionalism by adhering to dress code, being punctual, and contributing to an atmosphere conducive to learning.