Pediatric Clerkship


Our 4-week clerkship is a combination of inpatient, general practice and subspecialty experiences. We assign each student to a small team of physicians who assess student performance and provide feedback. Each student has an average of 30 half days of clinic experience over the course of the 4 weeks. Some schedules require students to round on their patients on weekends or nights. All schedules are set up based on physician clinical schedules.



1)    Exposure to and understanding of the unique pathophysiology behind common pediatric diagnoses.
2)    Understand the normal neurodevelopment achieved during childhood and adolescence.
3)    Appreciate the unique relationship between pediatric patients, their families and their physicians.   
4)    Acquire the skills necessary to assess and treat pediatric patients and those diagnoses specific to the pediatric population.
5)    Enhance exam and critical reasoning skills.
6)    Develop the skills necessary to develop relationships with pediatric patients and their families.
7)    Develop and manifest appropriate behaviors & attitudes toward patients and clerkship duties.

Mailey teaching students

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