Pediatric Clerkship


Our 4-week clerkship is a combination of inpatient, general practice and subspecialty experiences. We assign each student to a small team of physicians who assess student performance and provide feedback. Each student has an average of 30 half days of clinic experience over the course of the 4 weeks. Some schedules require students to round on their patients on weekends or nights. All schedules are set up based on physician clinical schedules.


Clerkship Objectives

1)    Gain basic knowledge of growth and development (physical, physiological, and psycho-social) and of its clinical application from birth through adolescence.
2)    Demonstrate the knowledge necessary for the diagnosis and initial management of common pediatric acute and chronic illnesses.
3)    Analyze the approach of pediatricians to the health care of children and adolescents.  
4)    Evaluate the influence of family, community, and society on the child in health and disease.
5)    Develop communication skills that will facilitate the clinical interaction with children, adolescents, and their families and thus, ensure that complete and accurate data are obtained.
6)    Demonstrate competency in the physical examination of infants, children, and adolescents.
7)    Demonstrate clinical problem-solving skills.
8)    Develop strategies for health promotion and well as disease and injury prevention.
9)    Develop the attitudes and professional behaviors appropriate for clinical practice.

Mailey teaching students

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