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As a resource to other medical education institutions, we offer our Problem-Based Learning resources for purchase. This includes books as well as electronic Problem-Based Learning modules where students can use free inquiry to interview and examine patients. These electronic modules can be used as simulated patients.

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Electronic PBL modules

Electronic Problem-Based Learning modules are actual patient cases that permit free inquiry, furnished either in CD format or sent electronically for a one-time download. The learner can ask any question of the patient in any sequence and get the patient's response and perform any item of the physical examination in any sequence and learn the result as in the real clinical situation. Any laboratory and diagnostic test can be ordered in any sequence as well. Whatever can be done with the actual patient on history and physical and the ordering of laboratory tests can be done with the module. A separate "User's Guide" provided with each module can be used with any of the modules in the series and provides the key for free inquiry group.

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Southern Illinois teams to participate in child abuse simulation training

The challenges of preventing and responding to cases of child abuse can be difficult, even to professionals familiar in their roles within social welfare agencies. To aid in improving care, child protection teams from two Children’s Advocacy Centers (CAC) in Franklin and Williamson counties and the seven southernmost counties in Illinois (Two Rivers CAC) will receive simulation training on February 21-22 in Carbondale.
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Geoff Pettys is new medical library director

Geoff Pettys has been named the director of SIU School of Medicine's Medical Library.
Dr. Haneme Idrizi

Haneme Idrizi named Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Haneme Idrizi, MD, has been named associate dean of student affairs and admissions at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. She will assume her new role on July 1.

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