Cardiothoracic Research

SIU Cardiothoracic Surgery has a strong research program that has resulted in greater than 200 publications and presentations. The results from our research efforts influence the care of patients with diseases of the chest. Some of the major areas of research interest of our faculty include lung cancer, valvular heart disease, esophageal disorders, and surgical treatment for emphysema. While involved in research in all of these areas Dr. Hazelrigg is well known for major contributions in the examination and application of minimally invasive chest surgeries.

Research interest focuses on quality of life, outcomes, and pain control. In addition to the investigator-initiated trials, all the faculty in the division have a long standing reputation for their role in sponsored trials. The division has recently published a randomized controlled trial examining local anesthetic techniques for patients undergoing minimally invasive pulmonary resection and we have presented extensive data on frailty and quality of life assessment in patients undergoing both surgical and nonsurgical options in the treatment of lung cancer. A strong and experienced staff participate in the conduct of these trials. Sponsored trials are typically national or international trials investigating treatments (drugs or devices). By participating in these trials we are able to offer more treatment options to our patients. To view a full list of current trials, click here.

To obtain more information about the research in the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at SIU contact:

Kristal Adams, BA, CCRP

Phone: 217-545-7812