Cardiothoracic Surgery

SIU Cardiothoracic Surgery consists of five board-certified surgeons and five mid-level providers in cardiac and thoracic surgery located in Springfield. We represent the largest volume provider of heart, lung and esophageal surgery in downstate Illinois and the largest academic program in the state. We presently have open trials to study all aspects of heart and lung surgery. These trials allow us to offer both cutting-edge treatments for patients as well as study these areas for future benefit.

Some specific areas of ongoing research include novel treatments for mitral valve disease, methods to decrease inflammation at the time of open heart surgery, and specific genetic studies for lung cancer. Presently we have a tissue bank that allows genetic testing and storage of these cells for future study.

Our division is part of the Simmons Cancer Institute where we see hundreds of patients annually for lung and esophageal cancer in a multidisciplinary clinic along with oncologists and radiation therapists. We have established nutritional and emotional support programs for patients and families including the only lung cancer support group in the state.

The cardiac surgery program at SIU offers cutting edge treatments including new valve procedures, off pump bypass surgery, and minimally invasive heart surgery. Our clinics are conveniently located with easy access for patients and prompt surgical scheduling. 

As a teaching institution and clinical practice, SIU Medicine delivers an academic advantage in patient care. Our faculty are continually teaching medical students and residents and are attuned to the latest developments in procedures and protocols.

With academic medicine, care can be tailored to each patient's needs, and shaped by the insights of medical students and teachers whose mission is to improve patients' health while simultaneously advancing medical research. This balance of empathy and innovation enables SIU Medicine to provide a new standard of care.

Overall, the program at SIU represents one of the largest academic programs in the region, the best of research and clinical trials, and the latest in technology and surgical techniques. We performed over 1500 cardiothoracic operations last year and believe that the combination of high volume with research and teaching provides the optimal option for patient care.