Welcome to the Department of Neurosurgery at SIU Medicine. Our board-certified neurosurgeons and other providers deliver state-of-the-art neurosurgical care to communities throughout central and southern Illinois.


Neurosurgeons have extensive training in the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions affecting your brain and spine. Our providers use the latest technology and research-based techniques to perform surgery for conditions like brain tumors, spinal fusions, herniated discs or movement disorders. We also provide non-surgical prevention and treatment options to help with pain management.

It’s our goal to help patients and their loved ones make informed choices about their health. To do this, we cultivate a patient-friendly environment that emphasizes education, coordination of care and optimized outcomes.

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Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Cozzens
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Neurosurgeon Dr. Devin Amin
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Deep brain stimulation brings new life to patients with movement disorders

Diagnosed with essential tremor at age 10, Don Klinker of Decatur has always had a hard time with daily tasks that most people do without thinking. “I love to play golf,” says the 73-year-old father of four and grandfather of five. “But by the time I could take my hand off the ball, I’d knock it off the tee.” So his friends would tee up for him. And drinking coffee or signing checks? Forget it. He gave up coffee and had a name stamp made. Sometimes his wife or friends would do the writing for him.

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Photo of Dr. Crosby and Dr. Amin

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Dr. Dana Crosby, chair of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, and neurosurgeon Dr. Devin Amin recently completed the first transorbital skull base surgery in central Illinois.
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Medical students and residents have determined the recipients of the 2021 Department of Surgery Teaching Awards. Nick Tadros, MD, MCR, was named the "Outstanding Educator of the Year." Emily Serafin