Testimonials from Prior Fellows

My experience with Dr. Allan at the SIU adult reconstruction fellowship is summed up in one word: Phenomenal.  The amount of cases that he has every week is great.  We would do 12-15 joints/revisions a week as well as 5-10 Outpatient Surgery Center cases.  The amount of complexity that I saw with him was unmatched.  We were the referral center for all of the local orthopods.  Because of this I had a fantastic operative experience with both primary joint replacements and complex revisions.  I came from a residency program where I had excellent training and wanted more advanced cases to refine my complex skills.  That is exactly what I got from Dr. Allan.  Not only is he an excellent surgeon he is also a fantastic person.  I call him regularly to get his advice with complex cases I have in my practice and we keep in touch with each other throughout the year.  He advocated for me throughout my fellowship in order to give me the best possible experience.  I definitely have a friend and colleague for life in Dr. Allan and he is without question one of the best orthopedic surgeons I have ever worked with.

Todd Peterson, DO
Capital Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

Des Moines, IA


I thoroughly enjoyed my fellowship at SIU.  It was a well-balanced year with a huge volume of primary and revision surgery. It was also an excellent experience with anterior hip replacement and robotic surgery.  All of the attendings are great to work with and the hospitals and staff help support a well-run total joints program. Dr. Allan is a fantastic mentor who I still keep in touch and share difficult cases with.   

Paul Danielski, MD
Chicago, IL


Working with Dr. Allan was a true pleasure.  He is great to work with and your surgical skills will grow exponentially.  He has a large case volume with a steady number of complex revisions so you will get to see most of everything in arthroplasty.  During my year there I became proficient at both operating and handling a practice.  I also developed a true mentor and I still talk to Dr. Allan and text him to ask him advice if I have any complex cases that I may have questions on.  I would recommend this fellowship to anyone who really wants to learn how to operate and take on complex cases!

Charles Lobrano, MD
Orthopaedic Specialists of Louisiana

Shreveport, LA