Welcome to the Division of Orthopedic Surgery

The Mission of SIU Orthopedics is to be a leader in high quality education, cutting edge research, and comprehensive and compassionate patient care.

SIU Orthopedics participates in the overall educational mission of the SIU School of Medicine by contributing orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine expertise to undergraduate, graduate and medical students, as well as offering continuing medical education programs. We inspire and train the experts of tomorrow, through a residency program which draws the highest quality medical students. We provide opportunities and encouragement for faculty, staff, residents, and students to advance their careers in this field, while providing an environment supportive of teamwork, communication and collaboration with other individuals and organizations. An evolving research program further enhances our dedication to education and patient care.

Our professional staff forms a complete and comprehensive team to address all our patients’ needs. The SIU School of Medicine’s orthopedic team treats injuries and ailments including those involving the spine, arm, hand, leg and knee and other upper and lower extremities, sports-related injuries, as well as joint issues related to arthritis and bone-related trauma injuries. We provide you with a full service one-stop center to evaluate and treat your specific medical needs.

Specialty areas include: diabetic foot and ankle clinic, pediatric orthopedics, upper extremity, orthopedic oncology, joint preservation, spine, trauma, and fracture care. SIU Orthopedics is committed to excellence through expansion of our division’s specialized health care, providing our patients with the highest quality of orthopedic care in Central and Southern Illinois.

Best Regards,
Division of Orthopedic Surgery