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Virtual Problem-Based Learning Workshop

Are you interested in:

  • Using problem-based learning to build competencies and critical thinking?

  • Building meaningful problems connected to curriculum goals?

  • Designing a problem-based learning curriculum and better assessing student learning?

Join us for "Essentials of Problem-Based Learning: Facilitator Development, Problem Construction, Curriculum Design, and Student Assessment," an experiential, problem-based learning workshop on June 09 - 12, 2020!

This workshop combines training in the essential faculty skills for problem-based learning, including how to design a problem-based curriculum and draft the problems central to it, how to facilitate small groups and how to assess students in a virtual seeting.

By interweaving the skills sessions, participants will be able to develop their facilitating skills while tutoring the problems they are developing for their own curriculum. We anticipate that participants will have the same wide range of academic disciplines, educational focus and cultural background as we have had in other workshops, making for an exciting sharing of problem-development ideas and institutional challenges.

2020 Virtual PBL Workshop Brochure and Registration


Dear Medical Educators,

Greetings! I hope this email finds you well. Have you been looking for a way to improve your PBL tutoring skill or enhance the effectiveness of your current PBL curriculum? The Academy for Scholarship in Education at SIU School of Medicine is here for you. Reflecting on the current pandemic situation, we recently decided to hold a Fully Online PBL Workshop starting Tuesday, June 9 throughFriday, June 12. Please see below for more details. 

Our workshop will focus on PBL tutor training in the virtual setting. There are three virtual PBL tutor group sessions using Zoom: 1) one session where participants play a problem-solver-role in a PBL tutor group using a non-medical case and 2) two sessions where they become a tutor to facilitate student learning. Our Y1 and Y2 medical students have had virtual PBL tutor groups in the Spring semester. And, both tutors (or instructors) and students found it useful to have tutor group sessions virtually, on the contrary to our initial concern about virtual learning environment. So, we are happy to share what we have learned this semester.

Embracing the overarching theme of the virtual PBL environment, we will also focus on PBL curriculum design and evaluation, case development and testing, and institutional change management. We believe that the effective use and management of the virtual PBL curriculum must be a particular interest or an essential consideration for medical educators, as we all adapt to recent changes in the medical education environment caused by the pandemic.

To meet your learning needs on the virtual PBL process, we are going to use a flipped classroom strategy, synchronous Zoom discussion, and individual and group consultations during the workshop. We set the class size limit to 16 people to ensure the best learning experience. Would you be able to attend our virtual workshop?  I hope you can join us and learn from each other to advance the PBL curriculum and skills together.

Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you. If you have any questions or specific learning needs, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you. Stay well and safe!



Boyung Suh
Director, Academy for Scholarship in Education
Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Education 
Co-Director of Professional Development Pillar,
Center for Human and Organizational Potential (cHOP)
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


2020 Virtual Problem-Based Learning Workshop at SIU SOM


I. Workshop Outline

  • Title: 2020 Virtual PBL Workshop: The Facilitation and Evaluation of PBL in Virtual Settings
  • Dates: Tuesday, June 9 - Friday, June 12 (4 days)
  • Course Delivery: Zoom
  • Registration Fee: $600
  • Class Size: 16 Participants
  • Contact:   

II. Tentative Schedule (Central Standard Time, CST)

D-1 (Monday, June 8)

  • 5:00 pm-6:00 pm: Virtual social event (icebreaking, checking-in)

Day 1 (Tuesday, June 9)

  • 9 am-9:30 am: Orientation
  • 9:30 am-11 am: Hands-on-PBL 1 (Non-medical case opening)
  • 11 am-12 pm: Hands-on-PBL 2 (self-directed learning)
  • 1 pm-2:30 pm: Hands-on-PBL 3 (case closing & reflection/discussion)
  • 3 pm-5 pm: PBL case development 1 (orientation, working session, & consultation)

Day 2 (Wednesday, June 10)

  • 9 am-10 am: Virtual tutoring orientation (virtual space, facilitation, concept mapping)
  • 10 am- 11:30 am: Virtual tutoring 1A (PBL case #1 opening, consultation & discussion)
  • 1 pm-2 pm: PBL outcome assessment (consultation & discussion)
  • 2:30 pm- 3:30 pm: PBL curriculum design & IT system (consultation & discussion)
  • 4 pm-5 pm: PBL case development 2 (working session & consultation)

Day 3 (Thursday, June 11)

  • 9 am-11 am: Virtual tutoring 1B (PBL case #1 closing, consultation & discussion)
  • 11 am-12 pm: Group reflection and coaching about the Virtual tutoring 1AB
  • 1:30 pm- 2:30 pm: Institutional change (consultation & discussion)
  • 3 pm- 4 pm: Program evaluation (consultation & discussion)
  • 4 pm-5 pm: Virtual office hour (any topic, requests to be made by Day 2 at 5 pm)

Day 4 (Friday, June 12)

  • 9 am-11 am: Virtual tutoring 2 (PBL case #2 opening/closing, fast track)
  • 11 am-12 pm: Group reflection and coaching about the Virtual tutoring 2
  • 1:30 pm-3:30 pm: Case field testing (consultation & discussion)
  • 3:30 pm-4:30 pm: Wrap-up, Farewell