Training and Education

The Office of Grants and Contracts regularly offers training and educational presentations.

A repository of relevant trainings is listed below.

Clinical Trials and Human Subjects Section NIH Grants: NIH Application Forms E, effective on due dates after January 25, 2018, introduces the Clinical Trials and Human Subjects section. This area of the grant application is more in depth information regarding the involvement of human data (samples), human subjects, and clinical trials.

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Attestation Form: More detailed information regarding the financial attestations required for every staff member listed on federal grant applications.

Grants and Contracts and Grants Accounting Combined Training: An Interactive Workshop on Grant Budgeting and Accounting. On December 13, 2017, the ADR Grants and Contracts Office and Grants Accounting provided a combined training session on general budgeting and accouting responsibilities for principal investigators, fiscal officers, and other grant personnel.

MyNCBI Biosketch: An online system for managing your NIH biosketch, MyNCBI, can directly link publications from PubMed, publications associated with federal funding, and ensure you're using the latest Biosketch format.

NIH ASSIST/ Workspace: All PDF packages will be removed from on December 31, 2017. Beginning January 1, 2018, only electronic system-to-system interfaces, such as ASSIST and Workspace, will be used to submit applications for federal funding. NIH ASSIST (Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking) safely stores your grant package information in SF424 format where only you, ADR staff and your designates can access it. You must have an eRA Commons username and password to log in. Only ADR staff can create an eRA Commons ID for you. Please contact to register. Workspace is now the “standard way to apply” for DOD and other non-NIH federal funding. Workspace safely stores your grant package documents where only you, ADR staff and your designates have access. You must have a username and password to log in. Project personnel must register for a username individually. To create a Workspace Profile, contact for assistance.

NIH ASSIST: Electronic NIH application submission system. NIH applications can be submitted via this site. All applications must now be submitted electronically. This presentation compares the similarities of the ASSIST website with the PDF package.

Rigor and Reproducibility: NIH has placed major emphasis regarding the Rigor and Reproducibility of grant applications. This presentation explores varying aspects of Rigor and Reproducibility.

Specific Aims: Arguably one of the most important components of your grant application, this presentation describes appropriate information that should be included in your specific aims, as well as dos and don'ts.

IRB and Data Sharing Cheat Sheet: If you are sharing data with outside entities/individuals, you may need to have a contract before exchange. Use this cheat sheet to determine if you need a formal agreement.