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GMEC Program Oversight

Annual Institutional Review

The ACGME charges the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) with oversight of many program activities and holds GMEC accountable for individual program quality. As part of the Annual Institutional Review process, GMEC reviews:

  • RRC notification letters
  • Other RRC letters
  • Any progress reports sent to the RRC.
  • ACGME resident surveys.
  • ACGME faculty surveys.
  • SIU End of Year Evaluation (aggregate feedback)
  • Programs’ APE action plans and progress thereof
  • Clinical and educational work hour compliance.
  • Quarterly Transitions of Care monitoring.
  • Results or feedback from program/institution site visits
  • Any internal or special reviews
  • Program board performance


Scheduling of GMEC review of RRC letters, ACGME surveys, work hour compliance, transitions of care monitoring and Internal and special reviews is organized by OGME staff. For other items, it is incumbent on the program to provide the following information:

Annual Program Evaluations- GMEC does not dictate when a program does its APE but does monitor to ensure it is done annually. We recommend that you plan your APE for some time between May and early August. This gives your PEC access to current Resident and Faculty Survey results (released in May), your program’s annual confidential review of the program by residents and faculty, as well as the SIU End of Year Evaluation feedback (released in early July), and allows you to address any items of concern from your ACGME surveys in your Annaul Program Evaluations and Self-Studies.  The current year’s APE action items and progress or follow-up from previous action items must be recorded in New Innovations as soon as the action plan is approved by your faculty and it must be reviewed by GMEC. The date of your APE evaluation for NI should be the date the action plan was approved by faculty.

Annual Institutional Review Form - At the end of each academic year you will receive this from OGME and will need to provide information on your programs board performance, USMLE performance and other information.

Annual Institutional Goals -Each year, the GMEC sets one or more institutional improvement goals. Although program directors and coordinators have input into goal development and action items, generally monitoring and organization of steps is done through OGME.

Internal and Special Reviews (Policy follows)

Each program in good standing will have an Internal Review at the midway point in their ACGME self-study cycle. If there is an indication that a program is underperforming, the GMEC may institute a Special Review. Where appropriate, the GMEC may combine an Internal Review with a Special Review.

Clinical Learning Environment Review

The CLER Program focuses on the hospitals, medical centers, and ambulatory care practices where residents and fellows train. It is part of the NAS, but is separate from the accreditation process, and is linked to accreditation only in that every institution must undergo a visit every 18 months or so. It is designed to provide formative feedback that presents GME leaders and the executive leadership with information on these areas of focus: patient safety, health care quality (including health care disparities), care transitions, supervision, duty hours/fatigue management and mitigation, professionalism and well-being.  Although many PDs, faculty and residents participate in CLER site visits, the responsibility for organizing the visits and disseminating the feedback falls to OGME and the visited hospital.  However, this the CLER focus areas inform most of our educational endeavors, everyone involved in GME should have a working knowledge of them.