Malpractice Information and Verification Requests

Verification and Claims History Requests

Malpractice insurance is provided by the resident's or fellow's employing hospital. Please refer to the following list of contacts to find out where to send your verification or claims history requests based on where the resident/fellow did their training:  

Alton Based Residents and Fellows

Alton Memorial Hospital
Lisa Blaes, Risk Management Manager
Phone: 618-463-7257

Mary Eisler, Administrative Assistant Risk Management
Phone: 618-463-7524

Carbondale Based Residents and Fellows

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale
Amy Tozzi, Assistant VP, Underwriting & Insurance Brokerage
Phone:  630-276-5434

Decatur Based Residents and Fellows

Decatur Memorial Hospital
Katie Anderson, Esq. VP, Legal Affairs and Corporate Compliance
2300 N. Edward St.
Decatur, IL 62526

Quincy Based Residents and Fellows

Blessing Health System
Kay Peters, Insurance Specialist, Risk Management
1005 Broadway, P.O. Box 7005
Quincy, IL 62305-7005
Phone: 217-223-8400, ext. 7215
Fax: 217-221-5546

Springfield Based Residents and Fellows

Since residents have separate insurance at each hospital, requests for malpractice verification must be sent to both entities. Following is the contact information for each hospital:

HSHS St. John's Hospital

HSHS St. John's Medical Staff Office
Phone:  217-814-8438
Fax: 217-525-5673
HSHS St John's Malpractice Release 4.2019 .pdf

Memorial Medical Center

Mary Ann Pyle
Phone: 217-788-3197
Fax: 217-788-5583

Risk Management Information (Springfield Based)

Residents receive malpractice coverage from both HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial Hospital for any professional acts performed within the scope of training.  This coverage includes legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed during or after completion of training.  Insuring hospital is based on the site of any occurrence and employing hospital.

Current residents/fellows:  If a resident receives a subpoena or notice to appear for a deposition, they should immediately contact the Risk Manager of their employing hospital.  

  • Residents should never appear for or schedule a deposition without the assistance of the Risk Manager.
  • The Risk Manager will look into the case and determine where it occurred.
  • The Risk Manager will pass along the documentation to the appropriate entity if it is not a case that occurred in their hospital.
  • If it is an event that occurred in an SIU Medicine Clinic, the employing hospital will handle it.

The Risk Management contacts for each entity are as follows:

HSHS St. John's Hospital

Megan Conkrite
Coordinator – Claims Risk Management
Hospital Sisters Health System
P.O. Box 19456
4936 LaVerna Road
Springfield, IL 62707
Office:  217-492-5851
Cell:  217-891-9546

Memorial Medical Center

Todd B. Riplinger
System Director of Risk Management
Memorial Health System
701 North First Street
Springfield, Illinois 62781
Office:  217-788-3197