Hospital information

Exercise rooms

Exercise rooms are available for residents and fellows at both hospitals. The Springfield Memorial exercise room is located on the 8th floor. Trainees are permitted to utilize the HSHS/Prairie Heart Institute’s Cardiac Rehab exercise room during hours when patients are not utilizing the facility. Contact your program coordinator or the Office of Graduate Medical Education for additional about the Springfield Memorial or HSHS St. John's exercise rooms.


Both hospitals provide food for residents in their respective physician’s lounge at no charge, per the schedule posted in the lounge. Residents have access to food services 24 hours per day at both hospitals.

Health insurance

The Benefits Department of your employing hospital will explain your health insurance choices. Be prepared to answer health questions about yourself and your dependents if applicable. Please contact the Benefits Department of your employing hospital whenever you have questions concerning coverage.

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems (HCAHPS)

The purpose of Hospital CAHPS® is to provide a standardized survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients' perspectives on hospital care.


For security reasons, photo identification badges will be issued by both HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial at the beginning of your training.  All residents and fellows are required to wear a hospital photo identification badge when on duty in the hospital. 

Liability insurance

Liability Coverage is provided by HSHS St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial Hospital for all residents and fellows during their training.  For verification requests or more information please visit the Malpractice Verification & Information page.

Medical Libraries

The SIU Medical Library subscribes to a number of journals, most of which are available via the internet. Various electronics (computers, projectors, etc.) are available for loan, and a number of computer training courses are offered regularly. Residents/fellows are encouraged to use the facilities at SIU School of Medicine, HSHS St. John's Hospital, or Springfield Memorial.

  • The SIU library is located at 801 N. Rutledge, 4th Floor.
  • The HSHS St. John's library is on the 2nd floor of the hospital, just west of the administrative offices.
  • Springfield Memorial offers Digital Library Services.

Medicare Guidelines for Teaching Physicians, Interns & Residents

The resource published by the Medicare Learning Network of the Department of Health and Human Services can be found here


In the event of a needlestick, immediately wash the exposed site with soap and water. Then call employee health at the facility where the event took place. The employee health nurse will provide you with instructions on what you need to do next.  

Springfield Memorial
  • Call Colleague Health Services Monday - Friday 0700-1700 at 217-788-3459.
  • After hours or weekend, contact Colleague Health services, after hours emergency line at 217-588-7595
HSHS St. John’s Hospital
  • Kim Kunz, Occupational Health Nurse
  • Monday – Friday, 7:00 to 3:30 at 217-544-6464 ext: 48236
  • After hours or weekend, contact house supervisor at 217-544-6464, ext. 51555
SIU Medicine Clinics
  • SIU Employee Health Nurse
  • Monday – Friday, 8:00-4:30 at 217-545-8970 or 217-492-2446 or Halo: SIU Employee Health Nurse
  • After Hours call 217-545-8000 and ask for ID provider on call


Symplr Clinical Communications

SIU School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals in Springfield have implemented a paging system that is administered via an app on a personal mobile device. It is therefore a requirement that all incoming residents and fellows have a smart phone with a United States cellular service carrier prior to their start date of training. The device must be compatible with the IOS or Android Operating Systems.  If you lose your device or it should malfunction please contact the SMH Help Desk at 217-788-3747.

Parking at HSHS St. John's Hospital

Residents are required to have a hang tag that will be issued by HSHS St. John’s security. Residents should park on the top level of the Mason Street Parking Ramp or top level of the Ninth St. Parking ramp (next to SIU Women's and Children's Clinic).

Parking at Springfield Memorial

Residents are required to have a hang tag that will be issued by Springfield Memorial after they complete an application card. Residents should park in the physician ramp located on Rutledge Street on level 3 and above. Residents/fellows who park in unauthorized areas can expect to have their vehicles ticketed. 

Parking at SIU

The parking tags issued by hospitals cannot be used for SIU designated parking areas.  Residents/fellows do not need a SIU parking tag or decal since they will be utilizing the hospital parking areas.


Springfield Memorial, HSHS St. John’s Hospital, and SIU Medicine have security personnel on duty 24 hours a day. They have general responsibility for the personal safety of patients and staff members and the protection of property. Please contact the appropriate department at any time.

  • SIU Medicine 217-545-7777
  • HSHS St. John's Hospital Security, emergency within the hospital - dial 111
  • HSHS St. John's Hospital Security, non-emergency 217-814-4020
  • Springfield Memorial Security, emergency 217-588-2000
  • Springfield Memorial Security, non-emergency 217-788-4900

If you need an escort to a parking ramp or parking lot after hours or during hours of darkness, or if you have concerns for your personal safety in or around the medical areas, please call security for assistance.

You are advised not to store or leave personal valuables unattended. While theft is relatively rare, occasional losses do occur. If you are the victim of a theft, contact security immediately.

Sleep rooms & napping space

There are designated resident sleep rooms at Springfield Memorial and HSHS St. John’s Hospital. Contact your program coordinator or the Office of Graduate Medical Education for a list of room locations and the access codes. 

Stipend deposits

Your stipend is deposited electronically at the bank of your choice. Both hospitals pay biweekly.