This policy was developed for SIU Medicine. SIU Medicine collectively applies to the SIU School of Medicine (SIU SOM), including the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), and SIU HealthCare (SIU HC). These entities are collectively referred to as SIU in this document.

This document applies to SIU staff, faculty, trainees, agents, officers, directors, interns, volunteers, contractors, and any other individual or entity engaged in providing teaching, research and health care items and services at SIU. These individuals are collectively referred to as SIU personnel in this document.


The term “resident” is inclusive of all trainees at SIU SOM, whether training in a residency or fellowship program. The term “program” is inclusive of all SIU residency or fellowship programs, whether accredited or  non-accredited.


Residents have a contractual obligation to complete medical records, annual on-line training requirements and clinical and educational work hour records in a timely fashion.  SIU School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals have set standards for when these are considered delinquent and have established clear methods of notification for the residents.  


If delinquent medical records, annual on-line training and/or clinical and educational work hour records are not completed by the designated deadline, the resident will be suspended with loss of clinical/hospital privileges and clinical credit toward training requirements, until the delinquency is corrected. The minimum time of suspension will be one day.  Vacation or other leave time cannot be used to make this time up.

If a resident incurs 3 instances of clinical suspension, the program may then impose a 7-day disciplinary suspension with loss of clinical/hospital privileges, clinical credit and pay.   This 7-day disciplinary suspension will be scheduled by the resident’s Program Director at a time when it is least disruptive to the program and may result in a delayed graduation date.  OGME will notify the hospitals of the scheduled suspension without pay.

If a resident incurs an initial 7-day disciplinary suspension, any subsequent instances of clinical suspension may result in an additional 7–day disciplinary suspension.

A disciplinary suspension is an Action which may require disclosure to others upon request, including but not limited to privileging hospitals, licensure or specialty boards. If a resident is subject to disciplinary suspension, they must be notified of this in writing, signed by the Program Director and the DIO/Chair of GMEC, and accompanied by a copy of the Due Process and Resident Complaint Policy.  A resident who incurs a disciplinary suspension may request a review of the decision as described in the Due Process and Resident Complaint Policy.

To view the protocols for these go to OGME policy website and select Medical Records Completion and/or Procedures for the Reporting of Clinical & Educational Work Hours.

Delinquent Time Recording & Required Annual Education Policy